How Much Weed Is A Felony In Missouri?

The laws surrounding marijuana are changing in many parts of the country. The past few decades have seen a lot of states first allowing for medical marijuana, and later allowing recreational marijuana to be made legal. One of the most recent states to have followed this path is Missouri. Today, you can buy legal weed in Missouri. Of course, just because weed is legalized in Missouri doesn’t mean that anything goes. There are still certain laws you will have to abide by, which we will cover below.

Can You Buy Weed in Missouri?

Medical marijuana has been legal for several years, and with the recent passage of Amendment 3 in Missouri weed for recreational use is now legal. This means that if you are of age, you can buy and possess up to three ounces of marijuana and related products, such as edibles. The first dispensaries that will be offering these are going to be available starting on February 6, 2023.


How Many Grams of Weed Is a Felony in Missouri?

Even though weed in Missouri is legal for recreational use, there are limits to the amount that you can possess at any one time. Those who possess more weed than what a recreational user should have could be charged with a misdemeanor. Those who have a substantial amount of weed may find that they are charged with a felony because of trafficking and distribution laws.

In the past, having more than 35g would be considered a felony, which would be punishable by fines and jail time. However, with the passage of Amendment 3, you can have up to three ounces of weed on you, which is 85g.

Those who are going to partake in weed in Missouri will want to have a good understanding of the laws so that no mistakes are made that could cost money and your freedom.


What Are the Marijuana Laws in Missouri?

With Amendment 3 passing and going into effect on December 8, 2022, the laws in Missouri surrounding marijuana are changing. The amendment has made weed legal for recreational use. those who are at least 21 years old will be able to buy and consume marijuana legally even if they don’t have a medical card. They can also buy marijuana-infused products including edibles. People can now buy, possess, consume, ingest, inhale, process, transport and deliver up to three ounces of marijuana or the equivalent.

You can consume marijuana in the same locations where you can use tobacco. You are also free to use marijuana in your home, of course. However, there are still many places where you can’t use weed. You can’t operate any vehicles while under the influence, and there may be local regulations where weed will not be allowed. It is always a good idea to check on these before imbibing.

Marijuana Possession Laws in Missouri

In Missouri, recreational users will face no penalty for possession of up to 3 ounces of marijuana. If you have this amount of marijuana on you or less, there shouldn’t be any trouble with the law whether you are delivering the weed or you are using it for personal consumption.

Missouri Cultivation Laws

Who can start growing marijuana in Missouri? The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will be in charge of each Missouri cultivation license. The first companies that will be allowed to sell recreational weed under the new law will be medical marijuana dispensaries that are already established. After that, there will be a lottery process to select applicants for licenses.

If you committed a felony, you may be barred from getting a license. However, if it is from a cannabis offense or a nonviolent crime, you can still get a license. The same is true if it has been more than five years since the conviction. Owners of cultivation facilities, dispensaries, or marijuana product facilities are not allowed to own more than 10% of the state’s market.

If you are at least 21 years old, you can also apply for a personal Missouri grower’s license. You are allowed to have six flowering plants, six nonflowering plants that are over 14 inches, and six clone plants that are under 14 inches. The cards cost $150 and are valid for a single year. Those who don’t follow the Missouri home cultivation license rules will have their cards revoked. If they are growing more than they are allowed, they can also face legal consequences.

You will find that the Missouri hemp laws are essentially the same as they are at the federal level.

Can Felons Get a Medical Weed Card in Missouri?

What if you have a felony on your record, but you need to have medical marijuana to help with certain illnesses and conditions? Fortunately, patients who have criminal records can still obtain a medical marijuana card in Missouri if they have a qualifying condition.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services said that prior convictions will not disqualify someone from getting a card. However, their card could be revoked if they engage in certain types of criminal conduct that happens after the card has been issued. For example, if you were to commit a violent felony after being issued the card, it may be revoked.

One of the other changes brought about by Amendment 3 is that records will now be expunged for nonviolent marijuana charges that have been brought against people. However, those who were charged with providing marijuana to a minor or driving under the influence will not have their records expunged.

Missouri Weed Felony Penalties

Possession of a controlled substance in Missouri is considered a felony. Even though in Missouri, legal weed is available, you have to remember that there are limits on how much you can possess on your person.

What Is the Jail Time for a Class D Felony in Missouri?

You can still do a lot of time in jail if you are convicted of a Class D felony in Missouri for possession of a controlled substance is seven years. Keep in mind that this penalty is still in effect even though recreational weed is legal. However, the amount you can now possess is far greater than it was before the passage of Amendment 3.

There are also other felonies associated with marijuana, namely for sale, trafficking, and distribution. You could be charged with a felony if you are selling to children, as well. These penalties can be quite severe. You must also remember that weed is still illegal at the federal level. This means that there could be federal charges for those who are trafficking, which will add even harsher penalties.

These are severe penalties, and it pays to abide by the laws in the state. With the legalization of recreational weed in Missouri, along with the possibility of some getting a Missouri grow license, it makes sense to follow the rules.

Most of the time, recreational users are not going to run into any sorts of problems with marijuana possession or cultivation, as long as they stay within the limits of the new law.

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