Choosing the Best Weed Percolator

Many new weed smokers often complain about some of the harsh aftereffects of hitting a blunt, such as burning throat and the need to reach for a glass of water after few puff. If you’ve once experienced this, then maybe it’s time to explore another alternative. When it comes to smoking weed, there are multiple accessories to choose from that can transform your experience. 

Percolators offer weed enthusiast a new way to enjoy smoking. It is a must-have for any pothead looking to take their relaxation to the next level. Percolators come in different materials and designs, allowing users to make a choice. If you are a newbie interested in choosing a percolator, here’s all you need to know about the different types of percolators in this article. 

What is a Percolator?

A percolator is a unique component in dab rigs and bongs that diffuses and cools the smoke to provide a cooler and smoother hit. To fully understand the essence of a percolator, it’s essential to understand the role of water while smoking. Water serves as a filter and a coolant that cools down the smoke to be inhaled. This is why you hear the bubbling sound while inhaling. 

Bongs have a filtration mechanism that strain contaminants to produce a clear vapor, removing the harshness and hotness of the smoke vapor. When compared to traditional bongs, bongs with percolators offer a comparative advantage by preventing water from splashing into your mouth and also filtering the smoke to be inhaled. Percolators come in different designs, and each offers a unique kind of filtration level, cooling, and comfort. 


What are the different types of percolators?

Now that you know the importance of percolators, let’s look at the different percolators you can get :

Honeycomb Percolator

The honeycomb percolators are one of the most aesthetically pleasing percolators on the market. It features a flat disc with compact holes that are deadly packed together to resemble a honeycomb. There are honeycomb percolators with multiple discs to enhance your smoking experience. 

Matrix Percolator

For newbies interested in something with a unique style and design, the Matrix Percolator would interest you. The cylindrical design is the most common variation, although there are other designs you can choose from. 


Showerhead Percolator

Also known as the UFO percolator, the showerhead percolator is exactly how it sounds. It has a long tube stretches out from the middle and is covered with a large dole that allows air and smoke out for cooling and filtration. This percolator offers the most comfort while smoking. However, some users complain that it reduces the THC content of the smoke vapor. 

Percolator Weed

For users interested in experiencing a new high experience, the percolator weed is a must try. It is visually appealing and provides an impressive filtration power.

Tree Percolator

The tree percolator is also called a pillar percolator because of its vertical tubes and columns. These tubes allow smoke to move across a wide expanse of space, promoting cooling and filtration. For a better experience, choose a tree percolator with multiple glass columns.

Swiss Percolator

This percolator was shaped like Swiss cheese. It features multiple holes that cool down the smoke vapor and reduce the harsh effects of inhalation.

Turbine Percolator

Turbine percolators are one of the most desired percolators on the market for their awesome design. With multiple water pipes designed to provide effective cooling, you are assured of the best drag. Turbine percolators are often shaped like discs, and each of these discs employs blade-like structures that create a cyclone effect when you inhale.

Fritted Disc Percolator

This percolator delivers impressive percolating power, and here’s why. The fritted disc percolator creates a powerful bubbling effect, which offers immediate cooling. However, one downside of using this percolator design is that its multiple tiny holes can get clogged easily, which makes cleaning a bit difficult. 

Spiral Percolator

The spiral percolator uses spiral springs to diffuse the smoke. One advantage of using this design is that it is visually appealing and diffuses well. In addition, you get to experience a fulfilling high. When it comes to its percolation powers, the spiral percolator is not as effective as other results in its league. 

Inline Percolator

While most percolators use vertical columns, inline percolators use horizontal tubes with noticeable slashes on their walls. This design offers a greater travel space, which allows the smoke to move around freely. You can pair the inline percolator with other designs to double its effect. 


How to Fill a Bong with a Percolator

Perhaps you’ve chosen your preferred percolator; it’s essential to know how to use it. When it comes to filling the percolator, you must be precise. Here’s how to fill a bong with a percolator:

Set up your water pipe on a stable surface

The first step to filling your bong is to look for a solid surface. We recommend a strong table or your kitchen cabinet. You should also make a note of the height of your solid surface for easy accessibility. 

Fill it carefully

Once you’ve placed it, get a clean container and fill it up with clean water. You can choose to use either cold or warm water, but we recommend cold for a start. Pour the water into the mouthpiece and continue until the percolator is filled. You may need more than one container of water. 

Fill the lower percolator 

Likewise, fill up the lower percolator and make sure to blow into the mouthpiece to disperse water into the lower chamber. Ensure all the spaces, holes, and silt are filled. 

Fill the water chamber

Once all the precolators are submerged in water, fill the water chamber. 

Check the water level to ensure it is filled

We advise new users to carefully check the water level before using. A good percolator should not be overfilled or underfilled, as the required water level should be two-thirds of the size of the percolator.

How to Clean a Bong with a Percolator

Owning a percolator is quite easy; however, maintaining one can be difficult. As a pothead, you must clean your percolators properly to ensure each puff you inhale remains fresh. Since most percolators have tiny holes and designs, corning can be a bit tricky. The following are some of the basic supplies you need: 

  • Rubbing alcohol 
  • Salts (preferably Epsom)
  • Large Q-tips or pipe cleaners in different sizes are needed to reach hard areas.
  • Rubber for sealing
  • Ziplock bags

Start by disassembling your bong setup. Do this carefully to avoid damage. Start by removing all detachable and setting them aside. Rinse each of the disassembled pieces in water to loosen the dirt. 

In another container, mix one to two cups of rubbing alcohol and Epsom salt. Pour the solution into your bong. In small zip-lock bags, pour the solution and throw in the smaller bong parts to soak properly. Seal the Ziplock with plastic wrap or rubber and shake. This solution should clear the residues and remove them from the bong. Wait for a few minutes, then use the large Q-tips or pipe cleaners to clean each piece.

Rinse with warm water and follow with cool water. Place each bong piece on a soft cloth and allow it to air dry before reattaching them.

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