The Origins of OG Kush

Cannabis consumers of all kinds almost always speak highly of OG Kush. Sometimes referred to as OGK, this is a cannabis strain that has gained legendary ‘OG’ status within the cannabis community all around the world. Known for its potent effects and distinctive aroma, the OG Kush strain is highly sought after for both recreational and medicinal purposes. But where did this iconic OG strain come from, and what makes it so special?

Well, we have everything you need to know about the fascinating history of OG Kush. From what it looks like, to its genetic makeup, and answers to some of the most common questions about this legendary cannabis strain. Whether you’re a long-time smoker or new to trying different OG cannabis strains, learning about the origins and characteristics of OGK will increase your appreciation of this beloved strain.

What strain is OG Kush?

So, what strain is OG Kush exactly? The OG Kush strain is a hybrid weed strain that combines elements of both sativa and indica strains, offering the effects of both types of cannabis. This hybrid is known for having the range of balanced effects that hybrids are so well-known for.

The exact genetic lineage is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but it is widely believed to be a cross between Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and a Hindu Kush plant. This specific combination of cannabis genetics results in a unique strain that appeals to a broad range of cannabis consumers. Understanding its hybrid nature helps explain why OG Kush is so effective for various uses, making it a popular choice for people all around the world.


What does OG Kush strain look like?

When it comes to appearance, the OG Kush strain is truly a thing of beauty. This hybrid weed features dense, sticky buds that are typically bright green with vibrant orange hairs and a generous coating of sticky and glistening trichomes. These trichomes give the cannabis flower its frosty, crystalline appearance, indicating a high concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes.

The buds of this strain are often chunky and well-formed, making them visually appealing to just about anyone who lays eyes on them. The striking coloration and resinous texture are not only beautiful but also hint at the potency and aromatic qualities of the strain. It’s these characteristics that make OG Kush so easily recognizable and highly prized among cannabis connoisseurs and strain hunters.


Where does OG Kush come from?

Many people come to us and ask, where does OG Kush come from? The origins of this OG strain can be traced back to the 1990s in Southern California, although its genetic roots are even more diverse. It is believed to be a descendant of three powerful parent strains: Chemdawg, Lemon Thai, and Hindu Kush, which is what makes it a kush strain.

Knowing the lineage of OGK provides valuable insights into its potential effects and terpene profile. Each parent strain contributes a set of specific characteristics, making OG Kush a complex weed variety. Let’s take a closer look at each of these influential ancestors.


The first parent strain to consider is Chemdawg. Known for its potent and pungent aroma, Chemdawg is a cornerstone of many famous cannabis strains, including OG Kush. This strain leans towards making an OG Kush sativa or indica hybrid, providing a balanced mix of effects. The cannabis flower of Chemdawg is also known for its high THC content and diesel-like smell, which heavily influences the pre-smoke experience of OG Kush.

Lemon Thai

Next up is Lemon Thai, a strain that contributes significantly to the OG strain’s flavor and effects. Lemon Thai is a refreshing weed strain known for its citrusy aroma and powerful effects. It adds a bright, lemony zest to the OG Kush flavor profile, creating a nice contrast to the earthier tones of its other parent strains.

Hindu Kush

Lastly, we have Hindu Kush, a pure kush strain that brings a rich, earthy flavor and deep connection to the OG Kush mix. This cannabis strain is often classified as an OG Kush sativa or indica and is known for its kush-like properties. The inclusion of Hindu Kush in OG’s lineage helps balance out the effects of its other parent strains, resulting in a well-rounded hybrid strain that’s perfect for every occasion.


What is OG Kush THC level?

One of the most talked-about aspects of OG Kush is its high THC content. As a kush strain, it packs impressive levels of THC, often ranging between 20-25%. This potent cannabinoid profile can be attributed to its rich genetic background, including Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, both known for their substantial THC concentrations. It’s no wonder OG Kush is considered a high-THC strain.

The elevated THC levels make it particularly effective for consumers seeking strong psychoactive effects. Its potency is ideal for experienced consumers looking for a strong high, as well as for medical patients needing significant relief from certain medical conditions.

What is OG Kush Terpene profile?

The terpene profile of OG Kush is another key factor that sets it apart. Whether you’re curious about whether OG Kush is sativa or indica, the presence of certain terpenes gives it a lot of distinct character. This OG strain is rich in myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene, each contributing distinct flavors and scents.

Myrcene is known for its earthy, musky aroma and limonene adds a zesty citrus note, while caryophyllene brings a spicy, peppery flavor to the table. Together, these terpenes create a complex and enjoyable smell of bud and Tate of smoke that enhances the overall effects of this famous OG strain.

Where can you find OG Kush strain?

For those eager to try the OG Kush strain, there are numerous dispensaries where you can find this popular hybrid weed. OG Kush’s widespread acclaim means it’s frequently stocked by reputable cannabis retailers. Whether you prefer to shop online or visit a physical store, availability is generally high due to its popularity.

Look for dispensaries like Verts that prioritize quality and transparency, offering lab-tested products to ensure safety and potency. In states where cannabis is legal, you can usually find OG Kush in various forms, including flower, concentrates, and edibles, allowing you to choose the consumption method that best suits your needs.

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