How to Choose the Perfect Vape Flavors for You

One of the most fascinating things about vapes is the sheer variety of flavors available to choose from. Each quality vape flavor brings a different experience and an amazing sensation to go along with it. 

But the amount of options can easily become overwhelming to navigate, which is why we created this article to guide you in choosing the perfect vape flavor for you. We will be exploring in detail, the most popular flavors, how they work, and how you can go about choosing the one that best suits your taste.

What is Vape Juice Made of?

Vape juice has a lot of different names, including e-liquid and e-juice, all to describe the liquid used in vapes. Inside a vape pen, vape juice is transformed into a vapor that you can then inhale. 

It is made with a captivating concoction of ingredients including active ingredients like nicotine, CBD oil, or THC oil. Nicotine extracts from tobacco are used in vape juice to bring relaxing effects to vapes. Vaping nicotine is a much safer way to consume it as it helps you avoid common pitfalls of smoking like burnt fingers and respiratory failure.

CBD oil and THC oil are extracts from cannabis that contribute their respective properties to the vaping experience. THC has a ‘high’ effect that comes with a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, it also alters perception, adding more life and vigor to the surroundings and your interactions. 

CBD oil, on the other hand, helps the body relax, soothes pain, and reduces inflammation. You can find vape juice with any of these extracts or even in combination where they serve as the core of the e-liquid. Of course, there are also e-liquid without any active properties, made simply to enjoy the vaping experience. 

The core ingredients in vape juices are carried with a medium like propylene glycol, a thin, colorless, and odorless liquid. Not only does it serve as a base for many of the other ingredients, but it also enhances the vaping experience by mimicking the throat hit of smoking, adding an extra kick.

Vegetable glycerin is another popular medium used in vape juices. It is a thick liquid with a sweet taste that heightens the vaping experience by releasing larger and denser clouds of vapor.

Additionally, natural and artificial food-grade flavorings are often employed to add unique taste and smell to the e-liquid. You will often find additives as well that add different sensations and enhance other aspects of the vape liquid, for example, cooling agents and sweeteners that add depth to the flavor.


Vape Flavors List

With so many different types of vapes, going after one without a clear understanding of their categories can lead to regrets. A deeper look into some of the best vape juice flavors available in the market today will come in handy when you are making your choice. Here, we will give a brief description of every flavor, while giving you ideas of the type that might suit your lifestyle more.

Fruity Flavors

Who doesn’t like the fresh, sweet, and tangy flavor of fruits? Even if you are picky, chances are there are one or two fruit flavors that you can’t get enough of. Unsurprisingly, fruit flavors are the most abundant vape flavors.

Fruity flavors can have individual fruit flavors to more complex combo flavors with several fruits and mixtures with menthol that have icy notes.. There are also tropical fruit flavors with sweet and earthy notes, berry blends with satisfying tastes, as well as citrus combos with a zesty kick. 

What’s more? Fruit flavors do not just treat your taste buds, they are also carried in your breath, giving you fresh and appealing air.


Icy or Mint Flavors

Mint based flavors give an icy cool sensation that quickly spreads in the mouth that is refreshing and soothing. Natural mint flavors like peppermint and spearmint flavors have an earthy, cool, and refreshing tone.

They can be paired with fruit or beverage flavors for a sweet, satisfying, and cool experience. Icy or mint flavors are also available in more neutral tones like Icy Blue blends.

Mint flavored vapes are a great company in social events where you interact with a lot of people. It helps to keep your breath fresh and keep oral bacteria at bay — while letting you savor the cool and refreshing taste. Making mint flavors some of the best vape flavors despite their comparatively neutral taste.

Dessert or Candy Flavors

If you can think of a flavor, it is available as a vape juice for your vaping pleasure. Naturally, dessert and candy flavors cannot be left out. Popular treats like vanilla, caramel, cream, and chocolates are available.

Candy flavored e-liquids can satisfy cravings for sweets without the calories, making them a paradise if you have a sweet tooth but want to watch your weight. They can be paired or combined to deliver a more complex taste that unfolds with each drag.

Dessert and candy flavored vapes can easily transport you to the joys of childhood, with sweet and uncompromising flavors. They pair well with outdoor activities like a day out on the beach.


Tobacco Flavors

Tobacco flavored vapes are targeted towards smokers who enjoy its earthy and intense flavor but want to stay away from nicotine juice. Therefore, it is available in flavors that mimic different blends of tobacco including American blends like Perique, Burley, and Virginia. Tobacco flavored e-liquids that replicate European blends like Latakia and Oriental are pretty common and easy to find. 

Tobacco-flavored vapes help to ease smokers from nicotine by cushioning the transition process with familiar tobacco notes and the sensations associated with smoking. Besides, the fact that vapes are available in so many different forms from cigarette-shaped pens to pipe-shaped ones make them an excellent step-down tool for quitting nicotine.

Beverage Flavors

While not as popular as the other categories of flavors, beverage-flavored vapes are just as abundant. Coffee flavored vapes are formulated to release the rich, deep, complex, and satisfying flavor of coffee. Same goes for whiskey or chamomile flavored vapes. 

Of course, there are flavors modeled after popular cocktails like pina colada and mojito that have a tropical taste, as well as blue moon and manhattan that are popular in city circles. The only problem is that it might be difficult to find your favorite cocktail flavor around you, you might have to turn to online stores for specific flavors.

Where to Buy High-Quality Vape Flavors

Having established how vast and varied vape flavors are, the next question will naturally be where to find one. Luckily, vape pens and vape juice are not hard to find, even local convenience stores carry them nowadays.

The only trouble is finding quality ones that deliver the promised flavor precisely and are made of safe ingredients. At Verts Neighborhood Dispensaries, we carry a wide selection of vapes and vape juices and offer them at the best prices. Check out any of our locations in Michigan, Colorado, or Missouri and take your pick of vape flavors to enjoy. 

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