What Are Pre Rolls? 

Pre-rolls are an easy and quick way for you to enjoy smoking without having to roll your own joints. Pre roll meaning that they come already rolled for you, making it quick and easy to start enjoying yourself at your convenience. No need to grind your bud, fill the paper or worry about how lose you’re rolling your joint. It’s already done for you to perfection.

You can purchase a pre roll weed joint from a dispensary if you are not good at rolling a joint, don’t have the time to do it yourself, or just don’t like doing it. 

But are they any good? There are plenty of amazing benefits to this method of smoking weed. However, it’s important that before you choose any cannabis product you understand exactly what is in it, how it will affect you, and what the pros and cons are. 

Smoking a pre-roll is the same as smoking a joint that you rolled yourself. You can expect to begin feeling the effects within 30 minutes to 2 hours. Of course, this will depend on what it is filled with. Sometimes you may need to take more or fewer hits of a pre-roll to experience a full high. 


What pre rolls can be filled with

There are different forms of cannabis that can be pre-rolled into a joint. Some are made with ‘shake’ or ‘trim’ that is composed of A-grade or B-grade buds. This is simply a loose cannabis flower, and there are others made with ground buds. Smoking pre rolls should have a smooth and robust flavor from the first puff down to the roach as long as they are premium pre rolls for the best experience. 

There are different kinds of prerolls you can purchase –  hemp preroll, thc pre roll, wax prerolls and you can purchase them all in pre rolls pack.

However, both can be infused with concentrates such as hash, kief, wax, live resin, or THC distillate and can be inside the paper or on the outside of the joint. By infusing them you increase the potency. 

You should always read the package of any pre-roll so that you know what ingredients they contain and how strong they are. Smoking too much or a higher potency can lead to unwanted side effects such as extreme confusion, anxiety, panic or paranoia,  fast heart rate, and increased blood pressure, and for some people they may even have hallucinations or delusions. 

Types of pre rolls

Generally pre-rolls are most often strain-specific, but there are also pre rolled hemp, and prerolls with wax. Some of the strains are commonly defined in the following categories:

Indica strains are best known for their calming and grounding qualities. Most people choose this strain for going to sleep or relaxing because it will most likely make you sleepy or not want to do much. However, this strain can help with body pain depending on the percentage of CBD. Purchasing Indica pre-rolls are great if you’re looking for help with insomnia or stress.

Sativa strains are extremely helpful in increasing your energy.  For most people, this strain will boost creativity and motivation, and can even help with anxiety and depression. This is a great option for daytime symptom relief without the sleepiness that you get with Indica. A prerolled Sativa joint will also help to relieve pain and increase your appetite. 

Hybrid pre-rolls offer you the best of both worlds. It’s somewhere in the middle of an Indica and a Sativa strain. However, each joint may have different amounts of Indica and Sativa qualities, this means that one joint might be more Indica and another might be more Sativa and both will affect you differently. And when you don’t know how you’ll be affected it makes knowing the best time to smoke impossible. You wouldn’t want to get tired before heading out to work or be awake when you want to get to sleep. 


How to make pre rolls

There are pre rolls for sale at your local dispensary. The process of making prerolls is pretty simple. They use a pre-roll maker that will collect shake to fill rolling papers, or use buds from the same strain or different strains and grind it down. And a machine will load the weed into paper cones and shake them to remove any pockets of air.

How many grams in a pre roll?

Generally, pre-rolls are going to come in either 0.5 or 1.0-gram sizes. You can purchase them in singles or buy them in packs of three, or five. There are also different sizes and formats that give you some control over portions.

How long will a pre rolled joint last?

Pre-rolled joints can last for about 12 months if you keep them stored in the right conditions. The key to keeping it fresh is by storing it in an airtight container. This will prevent them from being overexposed to light and moisture and keep them from getting damaged.

Can we purchase medical cannabis pre-rolls?

Yes, you can purchase prerolls from a medical joint dispensary. These pre rolled wraps are often more affordable, and can even be purchased as a single. This is a great way to try different strains without buying a large amount of something that you do not like or don’t have a good experience with.

Where can I buy pre rolls?

When you’re looking for pre rolls pack weed you can talk with an experienced and knowledgeable budtender at your local dispensary. Before you purchase just any cannabis roll filled with any bud, concentrate, or wax it’s important that you understand how it might affect you.

When you come into Verts Dispensary we are happy to help you understand the various strains of cannabis, how it works with your body, and help you determine which pre rolls will provide you with the greatest benefits.

You’ll find that pre-rolls make it easy to try and experience different blends and mixtures for complete satisfaction. Whether you’re looking for daytime relief from pain, need to relax and get some sleep, or need to get creative and stay focused. Pre-rolls are disposable, easy to use, and can save you time and money in the long run.

If you are looking to purchase pre-rolled blunts or joints, Verts can help you find the right one.

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