Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the United States for people over the age of 60. While glaucoma is common in older adults it can occur at any age.

Living with glaucoma is something that can sometimes be managed if caught in the early stages. In order to effectively manage glaucoma you’ll need to make some changes to the way that you live life. You’ll need to adopt new habits such as eating a healthy diet and getting an adequate amount of exercise. Keeping your body healthy slows the progression of this disease. 

There are many types of medications or even cannabinoids for treatment of glaucoma that have proven to be helpful. Glaucoma cannabinoids reduce some symptoms of glaucoma.

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is damage that occurs in the optic nerve and a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve. The damage is a result of abnormally high pressure in your eye. 

There are different forms of glaucoma and all of them have no warning signs, this is why it’s called the “sneak thief of sight.” The effect comes on gradually that you don’t notice the change in your vision, not until you’re already in the advanced stage of the disease.

Here are the different forms of glaucoma,

Open-angle glaucoma is a slow or non-progressive disease. There is generally no pain associated with this chronic medical condition but it does threaten your vision. Taking glaucoma eye drops has been proven to offer long-term efficacy.   

Closed-angle glaucoma often comes on suddenly and can last a few hours to a few days. This acute medical condition includes symptoms such as pain and/or nausea due to the elevated intraocular pressures. This form of glaucoma is not considered a debilitating medical condition with medication.


What are the symptoms for Glaucoma?

While most signs and symptoms of glaucoma are slow progressing it’s difficult to notice them. And symptoms may vary depending on the type and stage of your condition. 

Open-angle glaucoma symptoms include patch blind spots most often in both eyes and you may notice tunnel vision.

Acute angle-closure glaucoma symptoms include severe headaches, eye pain, blurred vision, halos around lights, eye redness and nausea and vomiting.

No matter what type of glaucoma you suffer from, you can get some relief from medical marijuana.

Want to get some relief from your glaucoma symptoms?

Does marijuana help glaucoma?

Glaucoma is treated by lowering your eye pressure known as intraocular pressure, which makes cannabis for glaucoma so effective. Marijuana and THC have been known to reduce eye pressure and soothing pain associated with glaucoma when it is inhaled or administered orally. 

Plus it helps to reduce stress and allows you to relax easier. But does thc help with glaucoma?

Glaucoma treatment medical marijuanas

There are a variety of medications that may be prescribed to help control the pressure and cannabis is one of them. It’s effective at reducing the intraocular pressure, which causes damage that ultimately leads to blindness. glaucoma and thc

Medical marijuana such as THC, CBD and other cannabinoids have an advantage over pharmaceutical treatments. You’ll likely be taking many different medications to treat glaucoma and thc has the ability to replace most of the medications. This is by far one of the biggest benefits of using marijuana. There’s no denying that pharmaceutical medications come with a slew of complications and make staying healthy difficult. They can affect your liver, kidneys and more. 

CBDs are one of the best sleep aid for glaucoma patients.

Cannabinoid Eye Drops

CBD is short for cannabidiol and cannabinoids for treatment of glaucoma have become increasingly more popular. It’s just one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. There have been studies that have shown cannabinoid eye drops will help to relieve eye pressure. 

Here are some other benefits of CBD and eye health,

  • Glaucoma pain
  • Nerve pain within the eye socket
  • Retinal damage
  • Ocular pain due to eye surgery or medication side effects
  • Corneal pain from physical damage to the eye
  • Macular Degeneration

Do edibles help with Glaucoma

Edibles are a great option when it comes to using medical marijuana to treat glaucoma and avoid the toxic chemicals that are in cannabis smoke. These cannabis-infused food products come in many different forms. With choices, ranging from breath mints, candies, chocolate and even savory snacks or ice cream. 

One of the biggest differences between smoking medical marijuana and edibles is the amount of time it takes to kick in. When you inhale you’ll feel it faster, and when you eat the edibles it will take longer. 

While it is easy to eat too much which can lead to unpleasant experiences, you can avoid this by starting with a small amount and waiting 2 to 3 hours before eating more.

Benefits of thc edibles

THC edibles provide many benefits such as reducing the exposure of cancer-causing chemicals from burning plant matter. But another is that the effects of edibles will provide you with longer effects and relief.

How to get medical marijuana for Glaucoma

At Verts we can help you find the best edibles for glaucoma, deals and best strains for eye pressure that will provide you with the relief that you desire so that you can continue enjoying your life. While you can enjoy recreational marijuana without a medical card. By obtaining your medical card you will be allowed access to medical marijuanas for glaucoma. 

The major differences between medical and recreational marijuana is potency and possession quantities. 

Getting your card in Colorado is pretty straightforward and can be done online. If you are 18 years or older with a qualifying medical condition you are eligible to obtain your card. You’ll need to first go to your doctor. You can find eye doctors that take medical card and obtain the prescription that is needed to get your marijuana license. Then you can complete the application online.

At Verts we can help you get your medical card for free. Just give us a call and we’ll help you obtain your card without paying a single penny.

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