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Chronic pain is among the most common types of pain and also the most common cause of long-term disability in America. Living with pain is difficult. It will without a doubt steal the quality of your life. And makes doing simple everyday things harder and for some nearly impossible. 

Most people suffering from pain will find some relief with prescription pain medication. This can lead to addiction and other side effects that can damage your health. Cannabis-based products are a great alternative to pharmaceutical medication when it comes to relieving most types of pain.  

If you’ve been wondering, can you get a medical card for chronic back pain the answer is yes. Pain is associated with many diseases such as arthritis, autoimmune disease, cancer, nerve damage and more. These are considered to be debilitating diseases in most states and qualifies you for a medical marijuana card.

So whether you’re looking for marijuana for back pain, weed for lower back pain or cannabis for herniated discs, we’ll guide you to the best edibles to help relieve pain. It’s possible to live your best life without pain even if you have a disease that causes pain daily.

What are the types of pain?

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. The pain will eventually go away when your body heals. For example if you sprain your ankle it might hurt for a little while but eventually it will heal. 

There are a variety of types of pain, and depending on which type you have will help to determine if medical cannabis is a good option for you to better manage your pain. This is something that a doctor will need to determine. 

Here are the different types of pain,

Acute pain is often associated with soft-tissue injury or temporary illness. This means the pain comes in short durations. It can last from minutes or up to three months, sometimes more. Once the injury heals or the illness goes away the pain is gone. 

Chronic pain is more constant than acute and lasts for longer durations. Conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, or a spine condition are considered chronic pain. Headaches can also be considered chronic pain. Even though the pain isn’t constant if they continue over the course of months or years it’s chronic. 

Neuropathic pain is pain associated with damage to the nerves and nervous system. This pain is often shooting, stabbing, or burning pain. It can also feel like pins and needles. Because it affects the nerves it can affect sensitivity to touch. Making it difficult to feel hot or cold.  Neuropathic pain is considered chronic pain. 

Can marijuana help with back pain, arthritis pain and autoimmune pain? Let’s take a closer look.


Is marijuana used for pain relief?

Medical marijuana has been used to treat various types of pain for decades and is most effective for chronic and neuropathic pain. There have been studies that have shown that THC and CBD combined are more effective treatment for pain when used together. CBD offers anti-inflammatory properties and THC allows us to better cope with the pain. However, they both stimulate brain chemicals that cause certain effects that have a positive effect on your pain. 

Want to get some help for your pain?

What is the best medical marijuana for pain relief?

There are two main strains of medical marijuana are indica and sativa. These two strains are the base for every blend of marijuana and each provide different effects. 

Indica is the strain used for pain management, and sedation. While sativa strains aid in improving your mood and providing you with energy.

Best edibles for pain relief

Medical marijuana edibles are a great way to manage severe pain regardless of the type of pain you are dealing with. THC and CBD edibles come in a variety of forms from chocolates, brownies and candies to drinks. Because both CBD and THC help to relieve pain you’ll want to choose which one provides you with the most relief. 

Here’s how to take edibles for pain, you should definitely start with a small dosage before eating more. The effects can take up to 3 hours to begin. You can always take more after the effects begin. This will help you find the best dosage for you without taking too much and being overwhelmed by the effects.

Can pain management doctors prescribe medical marijuanas?

Only an authorized qualified physician can recommend medical marijuana in the state of Colorado. Advanced practice practitioners with prescriptive authority are also able to recommend medical marijuana for patients suffering from debilitating or disabling medical conditions.

Medical marijuana vs prescription drugs

It’s been proven that there is a lower risk of side effects using medical marijuana over prescription drugs and particularly compared to painkillers and opioids. Not only does prolonged use of prescription drugs can cause damage to your organs, and a number of unpleasant side effects it is one that is associated with addiction. Cannabis use for chronic pain is as effective as opioids, with minimal side effects of and non-addictive.

How long does pain relief last using medical marijuanas?

The effects of using medical marijuana depends on the form. Inhaling medical marijuan the effects will be almost immediately after consumption and  typically last 1 to 3 hours. However, if you eat edibles the effects will take longer to start, but can last upto 8 hours. 

Can you get a medical card for back pain? 

You can get medical marijuanas for back pain if your pain is debilitating. This will eliminate the use of harmful painkillers and opioids. At Verts, we can help you get your medical card at no cost. Our chronic pain dispensary will help get you set up with medical marijuana for back pain or any type of pain you’re suffering from. 

You shouldn’t have to live in pain and with the help of medical marijuana you no longer have too. Give us a call today or stop by and we’ll get the process started so that you can finally get the relief you deserve.

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