Missouri Possession Limits and Regulations

Verts Neighborhood Dispensaries are your one-stop shop for all of your marijuana needs in Missouri. Whether you’re looking to find out more about Missouri possession limits and regulations or just want to learn about the amazing products we offer, Verts has you covered.

From edibles to pre-rolls, cartridges to concentrates, our selection is sure to please everyone from novice smokers to seasoned connoisseurs. We have all the best products you’d expect to see at a Missouri recreational weed dispensary, but what are the laws for purchasing and possession?

What Are the New Marijuana Laws in Missouri?

The new recreational marijuana laws in Missouri took effect on December 8th, 2022, after the passing of Amendment 3 in November of 2022. Missouri recreational marijuana sales started on February 6th, 2023. Since then, adults aged 21 and older can purchase recreational cannabis in Missouri, provided they have valid identification.

Out-of-state residents with valid identification who are aged 21 or older can also purchase recreational cannabis in Missouri. Some accepted forms of identification include a state-issued driver’s license, a passport, or other government-issued photo identification.


What is the Legal Possession Limit for Marijuana in Missouri?

When it comes to the Missouri marijuana possession limits, there are two things to keep in mind. First up is your purchase limit, which is how much weed you can buy at one time in Missouri. Any customer over the age of 21 is legally allowed to purchase up to 3 ounces of recreational cannabis in Missouri.

Once you buy marijuana at a Missouri recreational weed dispensary, the next thing you need to know is how much weed you can legally possess in Missouri. Possession of cannabis used to be considered possession of a controlled substance in Missouri. Now, adults over 21 are allowed to legally possess up to 3 ounces of dried marijuana or its equivalent, which could include concentrates, vapes, or edibles in Missouri.


What Forms of Marijuana are Legal in Missouri?

All standard forms of marijuana are legal in Missouri. Here is a quick list of the forms of marijuana you can expect at a Missouri marijuana dispensary.

  • Marijuana Flower (Buds, Nugs, Popcorn Buds)
  • Cannabis Edibles (Chocolates, Gummies, Drinks, Suckers, Candies)
  • Cannabis Concentrates and Extracts (Dabs, Wax, Shatter, Resin, Rosin, Diamonds)
  • Marijuana Vapes (Vape Pens, Vaporizers, Disposable Vapes)
  • Weed PreRolls (Prerolled cannabis joints)
  • THC or CBD Topicals (Lotions, Creams, Balms, Patches)
  • CBD or THC Tinctures (Alcohol based cannabis extracts)

If you’ve seen it in a Missouri dispensary, then we probably have it at Verts. If there’s a specific Missouri cannabis product you’d like to see at any of our stores, let us know!

(Delta 8 THC in Missouri is legal, but we do not carry Delta 8 THC products in Missouri)

How Much Marijuana Can You Buy in Missouri?

How much marijuana you can buy in Missouri depends on the type of marijuana you’re buying. According to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, “A consumer may purchase up to 3 ounces in a single transaction, and be lawfully in possession of up to 3 ounces of dried, processed marijuana or its equivalent.”

This means that you can buy 3 ounces of marijuana flower, or the equivalent of 3 ounces of marijuana flower. When considering what marijuana products in Missouri are equal to 3 ounces of marijuana flower we need to know how the Missouri Marijuana Equivalency Units (MMEs) are measured.

The following measurements of marijuana and marijuana products in Missouri all equal one MME.

  • 3.5 grams of dried marijuana flower
  • 1 gram of marijuana concentrate
  • 100 milligrams of THC-infused product

Using these measurements, 3 ounces of dried flower is equal to 24 MMEs. Therefore, you can mix and match different forms of marijuana in Missouri up to a total of 24 MMEs.

How Much are Edibles in Missouri?

The price of edibles in Missouri varies depending on the brand, the quality, and the strength. THC edibles in Missouri typically cost more than CBD edibles in Missouri. High-dose THC edibles in Missouri cost a bit more than regular doses. Then you have to consider what types of concentrates are being used to make the edibles in Missouri

Weed edibles made from live resin, for example, are usually stamped with a higher price tag because of the increased quality that comes from live resin. Distillates are also on the higher end of edible prices in Missouri. Edibles made with distillates are loved by edible makers and eaters alike because they have all of the potency of regular edibles but none of the marijuana flavor.

Can I Smoke Marijuana in Public in Missouri?

No, you can not smoke marijuana in public in Missouri, at least not legally. Consuming marijuana in public spaces is illegal in the state of Missouri. This includes Missouri recreational dispensary parking lots, outside other Missouri businesses, and any other public lands or property.

Although you aren’t allowed to smoke weed in public in Missouri, you can choose other discreet ways to consume it in public without smoking. THC edibles in Missouri are a great way to consume weed without smoking, as are tinctures, topicals, and in some cases vape pens.

Where Can I Smoke With my Medical Card in Missouri?

Recreational marijuana is legal in Missouri, but so is medical marijuana. Sometimes the differences in rules between the two can get confusing. Many of our patients ask Verts’ budtenders, “Where can I smoke with my medical card in Missouri?”

Well, you still can’t smoke marijuana in public in Missouri, even if you do have your medical card. The same rules regarding public recreational marijuana consumption in Missouri apply to medical marijuana consumption in Missouri. Therefore, no smoking in public places. You can legally smoke marijuana in any private residence or private property that you own.

Can I Go to a Dispensary Without a Card in Missouri?

Yes, you can go to a dispensary without a medical card in Missouri. Recreational weed is legal in Missouri so adults over the age of 21 can shop at Missouri dispensaries. You will need a valid, non-expired, government-issued photo ID. You will be asked for this as soon you enter the building before you can shop for any Missouri weed products.

Once you get checked in at your local Verts Neighborhood Dispensary, you will either wait momentarily or move on to talk to one of our knowledgeable budtenders. Our Missouri budtenders test out the products themselves so they can give you first-hand recommendations about the best and newest Missouri weed strains and marijuana products.

Adults between the ages of 18 and 20 can still go into dispensaries in Missouri as long as they do have current medical card registrations. Missouri’s medical marijuana laws apply to adults the age of 18 or over, and Missouri’s recreational marijuana laws apply to adults the of 21 or over.

Whether you’re shopping for medical or recreational marijuana, Verts Neighborhood Dispensaries in Missouri are here to welcome you to the neighborhood of weed! We have four Missouri dispensary locations with one each in DexterJoplinPacific, and Gallatin, so find the closest Verts dispensary near you and come in today.

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