What To Know About Recreational Marijuana On The November Ballot In Missouri

If you are wondering if is marijuana legal in Missouri the answer is yes and no. Missouri recreational weed is not yet legalized, but medical marijuana use with a medical card is. But this doesn’t mean that it won’t become legal, if all goes well it will be very soon. Missourians have been eagerly waiting for this upcoming 2022 election because this is an opportunity to finally legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri.

So if you are all in for Missouri marijuana legalization then you’ll need to vote this November 2022. There is going to be Amendment 3 for Missouri recreational marijuana legalization. It was a rough road to get this amendment on the ballot, and there was a time when it didn’t look like it would happen.

Before you get out there and vote you’ll want to first familiarize yourself with all that is included with Amendment 3 because it’s more than just legalizing the purchase and possession of cannabis products. There are many other changes that will also occur once these changes are made.

But if you’re all for Missouri marijuana recreational legalization here’s some information that you’ll want to know. There will be laws and requirements that you’ll need to know once it’s approved to stay on the right side of the law while enjoying some good bud.


Did the state of Missouri legalize marijuana for recreational use?

Currently, there are only 19 states that have legalized recreational marijuana use, and Missouri is not one of them. But this doesn’t mean that it will not become legalized but this is all depending on whether or not Missourians show up at the elections. The state has really been pushing for the constitution to be amended and pushing for residents to vote in the November 2022 election to legalize recreational use. If you enjoy cannabis Missouri wants you to show up and make your voice heard by voting yes.


What is the status of marijuana in Missouri?

It might not be legal for recreational use, but since 2018 medical marijuana use has been allowed in Missouri. It was legalized in 2018 through a ballot initiative to amend the state constitution.

Here is the history of marijuana in Missouri:

In 2018 voters approved Amendment 2 which established a medical marijuana program and made it legal for registered patients to obtain medical marijuana.

In 2014 marijuana possession was decriminalized for the possession of 10 grams or less of cannabis.  The possession of 10 grams or less is punishable by a fine only. However, the offense is still a criminal misdemeanor. If you are caught in possession of higher quantities it is punishable by jail time.

And now in 2022, there’s an opportunity to legalize recreational weed.

When will Missouri legalize recreational weed?

If all goes well, and the people in Missouri show up to vote then Missouri will legalize recreational weed. But the only way for this to happen is if people show up to vote and the voters will say yes to Amendment 3 on the upcoming November 2022 ballot. By saying yes to this it will legalize the purchase, possession, consumption, and more for the recreational use of marijuana.

Is recreational marijuana on the ballot in Missouri?

Yes, recreational marijuana is on the ballot for the November election. This will be listed as Amendment 3. This has been a long time coming and it hasn’t been an easy road.

Four years ago there was an effort begun by a group called Legal Missouri 2022. This group is backed by the Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, the ACLU of Missouri, all six active chapters of Missouri NORML, and the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Gov. Mike Parson. Along with various business groups that oppose the proposal.

In order to get the 39-page measure on the Nov. 8 ballot, there needed to be more than 200,000 verified signatures across the state. This surpassed the minimum of 184,720 that was needed.

However, to get state approval an additional measure was also needed and this was to obtain minimum signatures in six of the state’s eight congressional districts. It wasn’t looking very good back in late July. The campaign seemed to be short of what was needed until Aug. 9 when Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft announced that the petition would be on the ballot.

What is amendment 3 in Missouri?

Amendment 3 is the initiative to legalize the purchase, possession, consumption, use, delivery, manufacturing, and sale of marijuana for personal use. This will be legal for adults over the age of 21. 

This amendment will also allow individuals to be released from prison that were locked up with certain marijuana-related offenses and their records expunged. It will also enact a 6% tax on the retail price of recreational marijuana. This tax will offer benefits to various programs.

Here are some additional changes that will be amended if voters say yes, 

  • It will require a registration card for personal cultivation with limitations
  • Establish a lottery selection process to award licenses and certificates
  • Distributed licenses will be issued equally to each congressional district

How much marijuana could one possess, consume or deliver under the new law?

Under the new law Missourians would be able to purchase, consume, process, transport or deliver 3 ounces or less of dried, unprocessed marijuana.

Also under this amendment, anyone who possesses more than three ounces of marijuana but less than six ounces or more will be subject to a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor is punishable by a fine of no more than $1,000 for a third violation. However, the person is required to pay a civil penalty of no more than $250 for their first violation and $500 for their second.

How much marijuana could an individual cultivate under the new law?

Once recreational marijuana is legalized you will also be allowed to grow your own plants. But under the new law, there are limitations. You’ll be able to cultivate six marijuana flowering plants, six nonflowering plants, and six clones. These plants must be under 14 inches tall. You will need to be registered with the state in order to cultivate marijuana plants.

How do you vote on the marijuana laws in Missouri?

If you want Missouri cannabis to become legal for recreational use then you’ll need to get out and vote in the upcoming November 2022 election. On the ballot, you’ll need to say YES to Missouri Amendment 3. 

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