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Lovely staff who always make sure to get you what you need. Know them by name. Great product selection for the medical side and always good deals on their vendors of the month. Would pay them a visit anytime” 

-Lukas Reed


I’ve been a medicinal user for a few years now, and I’m happy to say that THIS place is THE best place to get your medicine. The staff is extraordinarily friendly, and they always have deals going on. Seems they always treat me right whether I come to spend big money or just a few grams of flower, they never do me wrong. Best part is, if they don’t have what your looking for they will try to get it for you. It’s comfy and I have zero issues with this dispensary. One of the best!” 

-Bryan Finn


That’s right! With our flagship store still remaining in Fort Collins, Verts has been given an opportunity to open another location nestled in the friendly foothills of Golden, Colorado. The new dispensary will be situated on the second floor of 511 Orchard St, in Golden, CO 80401. The location is in a bustling commercial area, surrounded by shops, restaurants, and other amenities, making it a convenient destination for both locals and tourists. The building is easily accessible from the street, with ample parking available for customers. Customers can take the outside staircase to reach the dispensary on the second floor. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff, who are passionate about helping you find the perfect product for your needs. 

The dispensary itself boasts a spacious and well-lit interior, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment and is designed to give you a cozy cabin feel while providing you with the highest quality cannabis products and exceptional service.  Our dispensary will serve anyone over the age of 21+. We will continue serving our 21+ medical patients as well. 

With its prime location and top-notch selection of products, the new adult-use cannabis dispensary is sure to become a popular destination for cannabis enthusiasts in Golden, the surrounding area and beyond. So, if you’re looking for a cozy, cabin-like atmosphere in the beautiful foothills of Golden, Colorado, look no further than our medical and recreational dispensary!

Welcome to Verts Neighborhood Dispensary, located in the heart of Golden, Colorado at the foothill of the Rocky Mountains! We are an industry-leading cannabis dispensary in Golden where you can find the best selection of premium flower, extracts, cartridges, edibles, topicals, and more for all your needs. Our knowledgeable budtenders are here to provide you with exceptional customer service and answer any questions you might have about our products. Stop by today and experience the true Verts Neighborhood Dispensary difference!

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary in Golden: 511 Orchard St Golden, Colorado 80401


Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Golden, CO?

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Golden, CO, and you can get it at our Golden, CO dispensary! According to the City of Golden, they allow medical marijuana dispensaries in Golden. Verts is your go-to medical marijuana dispensary located within the city that offers products personalized to your individual needs as a medical patient.

Colorado laws regarding medical marijuana can vary from city to city, as well as within different counties. It is important to stay informed about local Golden, Colorado marijuana laws and regulations when it comes to purchasing or using marijuana products from Golden, Colorado dispensaries.

To purchase medical marijuana in Golden you need to get a medical marijuana card in Colorado. You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the state to get a Colorado medical marijuana card. Patients may qualify for an identification card based on specific criteria if they are being treated for a qualifying medical condition. You cannot buy medical marijuana in Golden or any other city in Colorado without a current medical ID card.

You can apply for your Colorado medical marijuana registry card through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.


Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Golden, CO?

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in Golden, CO and you can get it at our Golden, CO dispensary! Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012 when Amendment 64 was passed. Since then, individuals over 21 years of age can legally purchase and possess recreational marijuana for personal use.

Our recreational dispensary in Golden is one of the best Colorado dispensary locations. The City of Golden offers a variety of options for residents and visitors looking to partake in cannabis-related activities while abiding by Colorado laws.

Recreational marijuana may be legal in Golden, CO but it is not allowed to consume cannabis in public. All consumption of cannabis must take place in private areas, including your own home. Marijuana laws and penalties vary widely in each city, so you should stay informed about the local regulations before consuming marijuana products or engaging in any cannabis-related activities.

How to Legally Grow Medical Cannabis for Dispensaries in Golden, CO

Growing medical cannabis for dispensaries in Golden, CO can be done legally with the right knowledge and preparation. The first step is to obtain a license from the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED). This requires submitting an application, paying a fee, and providing proof of residency. If approved, you will need to meet all Colorado laws and requirements for growing marijuana, including having a secure facility that meets all safety regulations.

In addition to obtaining a license, you will also need to purchase seeds or clones from a licensed dispensary or grower. It is important to research the strain you are interested in growing as some strains are more difficult to cultivate than others. Once you have your plants, you will need to provide them with adequate light and nutrients to ensure they reach their full potential. You should also monitor your plants regularly for signs of pests or disease and take steps to address any issues quickly if you want a successful harvest of prime sticky buds. With proper care and maintenance, you can successfully grow medical marijuana for dispensaries in Golden, CO.

With the right licensing, you can also grow recreational cannabis for dispensaries in Golden, CO. The Colorado laws, rules, and regulations regarding growing recreational cannabis differ from growing medical marijuana. Each type of license has its requirements for operating a cannabis grow in Colorado. Close attention should be paid to the specifications required to grow either recreational or medical marijuana in Golden or any other city in Colorado.


 Do You Need a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card?

The Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry is a state-run program that allows qualified patients to legally access and use medical marijuana for medicinal purposes. Established in 2001 with the passage of Amendment 20, this registry is overseen by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). To join the registry, individuals must be Colorado residents with a qualifying medical condition, such as cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, or PTSD, among others.

Once registered, patients receive a Medical Marijuana Card, which permits them to purchase and possess a limited amount of marijuana from state-licensed dispensaries. This program has provided patients with a legal avenue to manage their medical conditions with marijuana, offering them relief from symptoms and improving their overall quality of life.

We Recommend Doctors of Natural Medicine

Other places near our location in Golden, Colorado:

  • Biscuits & Berries Restaurant
  • Boot Mechanics Golden Ski Shop
  • Estates Park Golden, CO
  • Mesa View Estates Subdivision
  • Golden Heights Skatepark
  • Golden Heights Park
  • Jeffco Fairgrounds

This is only a short list of key businesses or things to do in Golden that are near our  Golden location.

What Are The Closest Dispensaries Near Golden, Colorado?

If you’re looking for dispensaries near Golden, Colorado then just come to the Verts Golden, CO Dispensary! With one of the best Colorado dispensary locations, Verts in Golden is the perfect dispensary to visit if you’re anywhere near Golden, CO. You get top-notch service and access to the best recreational and medical marijuana in Jefferson County. After you’ve experienced the Verts difference, you won’t want to go to any other dispensaries near Golden, Colorado!

Even if you live in Denver, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Morrison, or another city near West Denver, Verts is easily the best dispensary on the front range! If you’re in Colorado, chances are you’re enjoying some of the nature this great state has to offer. Swing through Verts Golden, CO on your way into the mountains and pick up some green for your trip to go mountain biking, hiking, camping, or hitting the slopes after some fresh pow!

No matter the time of year it is, Verts has you covered with Colorado’s best cannabis strains and products. We have online ordering so you can buy weed online and pick it up at your convenience. This makes it super easy if you’re on your way in or out of the mountains.

We also cater to locals in Golden because we love to represent the communities we serve. Did you know the town of Golden was named after the gold rush!? According to the Golden City History, gold was first found in Clear Creek. Clear Creek’s discovery of gold sparked the area’s earliest settlements in the mid-19th century, and Golden City quickly established itself as a supply stop for gold miners looking to strike it rich in its surrounding mountains.

Now Golden is a supply stop for the best weed and weed products in Colorado! If you’re looking for a cannabis dispensary in Golden, CO that offers premium flower, extracts, cartridges, edibles, and more, then look no further than Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. Shop with us now and get your favorite marijuana products in Golden!

Dispensary Near Red Rocks

If you’re heading to a concert at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater, make sure to stop by Verts Neighborhood Dispensary! We are the premier dispensary near Red Rocks, located conveniently close to the venue, and less than 10 minutes away. We are your one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs before an unforgettable night of music under the stars.

Why choose Verts? As one of the closest dispensaries near Red Rocks, we offer a wide variety of premium products, from cannabis flower and edibles to concentrates and topicals. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find the perfect strain or product to enhance your Red Rocks event. Don’t just take our word for it. Swing by our Verts Neighborhood Dispensary in Golden, CO, the best dispensary near Red Rocks Amphitheater, before your next concert!

Your Ski Resort Dispensary

As you prepare for your next skiing adventure, don’t forget to make a stop at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary, the top-rated Colorado ski resort dispensary. Conveniently situated on 6th Ave West, in Golden, CO, Verts is your perfect cannabis stop as you head into the mountains. We are proud to be a Colorado dispensary near ski resorts and the best dispensary near Keystone Ski Resort. We offer an extensive selection of top-quality cannabis products that can elevate your next ski trip. Whether you’re looking for pain-relieving topicals after a long day on the slopes or a relaxing strain of weed to unwind, we have everything you could need.

For those wanting dispensaries near Vail Ski Resort Vail, Colorado, our 6th Avenue dispensary guarantees a swift and efficient place for you to shop, enabling you to get back on the road to your snowy paradise quickly. Choose Verts, your ultimate Colorado ski resort dispensary, for all your cannabis needs on your next ski trip!

Golden, Colorado Dispensary Location:

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary

511 Orchard St., Level 2, Golden, CO 80401
Tel: 720-361-2144
Hours: Sunday-Saturday: 9am-8pm
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