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Dispensaries are a new thing for me, so I don’t have a lot of experience to draw from, but from what I’ve seen it’s pretty top notch. Whoever is working is great about answering questions and making recommendations.

-Jeremy T.

They were very polite and helpful. This was my first time and they were very patient with me and answered all my questions. Love ❤️ this place. Also thank you to them.

-Michelle R.


Pacific, Missouri, is no stranger to medical marijuana dispensaries. The city has one of its own and there are several within a short drive, making it easy for qualifying patients to get the products they need. If you’re new to the world of medical cannabis, though, you might want a little more than just the location of the nearest dispensary.

This guide will help you get a better understanding of how legal marijuana works in Missouri, including what kinds of use are legalized and what the parameters entail. For example, patients that qualify are able to grow up to six plants of their own for personal use. Caregivers can also apply for that cultivation license to grow plants on the behalf of a qualifying patient.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s start with the basics: what’s the legal status of weed in Pacific, MO, and the rest of the state?

Is Weed Legal in Pacific, Missouri?

As of 2018, cannabis (weed, marijuana, pot, grass—take your pick) was legalized solely for medicinal use. It was decriminalized in 2014, which means people are no longer charged criminally for possessing, purchasing, or using small amounts of marijuana. The law also allowed for the expungement of records related to previous marijuana “crimes” so that people weren’t holding a criminal record if all they did was have, buy, or sell marijuana.

The law allows for a long list of what are known as qualifying conditions for medical marijuana, ranging from cancer to epilepsy to HIV/AIDS and even psychological and mental health conditions. Missouri’s law is also unique in that it provides language for doctors to give recommendations for conditions that may not be explicitly on the list by having a disclaimer.


Does Pacific, MO Have Medical Marijuana?

Qualifying patients in Pacific, MO, can purchase medical marijuana in a quantity of up to four ounces (4 oz.) within a 30-day period. There are some people who have an exception to this, which will be approved by the Department of Health and Human Services separately. Terminal patients, for example, may qualify for an exception to purchase up to eight ounces in the same 30-day period if they are on palliative care or in hospice. This requires the approval of two or more independent physicians, however.

As for the concentrate (processed marijuana products), that four ounces translates to 32 grams of concentrate, or 3200 milligrams of products infused with THC within that same 30-day period. So, someone could purchase four ounces of dried flower (what marijuana plants are called in the industry) OR 32 grams of concentrates, vaporizing cartridges, etc. Patients will have to ration and keep track of their supply for their own knowledge.

Purchases will be monitored and recorded in a centralized database that all dispensaries will have access to. Before filling orders or selling any marijuana products, they will be required to verify that the patient has amounts available to purchase for the fill period. If not, they will have to inform the patient that they must wait until their next fill period to make a purchase.

Finally, in lieu of an individual purchasing their own marijuana, they may designate a caregiver to act on their behalf. In Missouri, caregivers have the unique ability to act on behalf of the patient in more ways than just purchasing their products. They can also cultivate plants for a qualifying patient and be named to provide other services or representation on behalf of that patient.


Does Pacific, MO Have Recreational Marijuana?

At the time of this writing, recreational marijuana in Pacific, MO, is still illegal, as it is throughout the rest of the state. There is legislation that’s awaiting a vote to legalize recreational marijuana, but it has not yet been passed. Currently, only patients that can qualify for a medical marijuana card based on a qualifying condition will be able to use marijuana and purchase it legally from state-authorized dispensaries.

When and if recreational marijuana use does become legal, the good news is that it should be a much quicker, smoother rollout because the medical side of things is already in place. If you cannot meet the criteria for a qualifying condition, you will have to continue to wait until legalization happens. Missouri would be the 20th state to legalize marijuana for recreational use if the legislation passes.

How to Find Licensed Legal Pacific Dispensaries

 The state has a list of registered dispensaries in Missouri that is constantly updated. They approved 192 licenses for dispensaries in the initial passing of the legislation, and at most recent count, around 188 were open for business. You can find a list of dispensaries a little further down in this guide, including those closest to Pacific so that you don’t have to go far.

If you find a place claiming to sell marijuana legally and it doesn’t require you to show ID or a medical card to even get into the building, let alone to the product floor, it is not a state-registered, legal medical cannabis dispensary. These aren’t common because it’s really hard to “fake” the way the state handles dispensary operations. You should know, however, that while some dispensaries will allow you to place orders online, you cannot actually buy marijuana on the Internet and have it shipped to your home.

That’s still illegal, so you’ll have to pick it up in person. If you’re unable to get to a dispensary, you can designate a caregiver to go for you and make purchases on your behalf.


How to Know if Your Pacific, MO, Marijuana Dispensary is Legal

As mentioned, you can check the state’s list of approved dispensaries to ensure that yours is on the list. You can also peruse the section below for the dispensaries closest to Pacific, MO, including 10 different options listed from closest to furthest away.

If you happen upon a “dispensary” that doesn’t follow strict protocols and require you to produce ID and your medical marijuana card upon entry, you may want to question their legality or what kind of business they’re actually running.

Pacific Dispensary Near You

 You’re not alone if you’re new to the world of medical marijuana in Missouri. You’ve now got access to all the insight and information that you need – Verts Dispensary is known as the best dispensaries to Pacific, MO, so that you don’t have to go far. If you have a medical marijuana card in Missouri, you will find that getting the products you want is simple.

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary - Pacific

Address: 1340 Thornton St, Pacific, MO 63069
Tel: 636-242-1891
Hours: Monday - Saturday: 9:00am - 9:00pm & Sunday - 11:00am - 5:00pm
Drive-Thru hours are the same as the store hours.

Located just a few miles from Six Flags off of I-44, and nestled in the outer St. Louis suburbs and towns among Eureka, Washington, and Gray Summit, this location is here to serve both St. Louis area locals and traveling patients visiting the area.  

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