Cannabis Vaporizers

As more people gain interest in the various benefits of marijuana, both for medicinal and recreational uses, people are always looking for the best way to consume these products. Whether you don’t like the idea of lighting up a joint or you live in a state where vaporization is the only legal way to consume weed, vaporizers could be your new best friend. 

These come in several types, including portable and stationary vaporizers along with the much more common pen vaporizers that are growing in popularity today. Read on to learn all about cannabis vaporizers and the options that you have for this method of consumption.

What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a machine that is designed to heat cannabis plant material and concentrates to lower temperatures than using open flame. This vaporizes the marijuana and allows people to inhale cannabis vapors, eliminating smoke inhalation. It also allows the THC and cannabinoids to reach the brain much more quickly because it goes straight to the bloodstream. 

Vaporizers usually have an area where you can put the plant material or concentrate that is enclosed. The simplest models feature a button that you press to heat up the weed and then inhale the vapors. Some of the more tech-forward vaporizers today have temperature gauges and all kinds of digital settings to allow you to customize the perfect smoke. 

Types of vaporizers

As mentioned, there are different types of vaporizers on the market today that people can use. Some have a preference for one style or another, while others just want the option that will deliver the best experience. If you’re shopping for a vaporizer, you’ll find three main styles to choose from: pens, portable units, and stationary vaporizers.


Pen vaporizers

Pen vaporizers are preferred by those who want something that is discreet and ultra-portable. They are designed for solo use, although they can sometimes be shared with another person. Pens come in all sizes and styles, including simple models that have a single button for operation to the more high-end models with digital displays and other advanced settings. These are also usually the most affordable of all the vaporizers. 

Portable vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are usually shaped like a beaker or cylinder, or perhaps even a box, but they are larger than the pens on the market today. They are smaller than stationary models, which makes them desirable among people who want something that’s less showy or something that’s easy to put away when you’re not using it. These units come in several fun colors and styles, too. 

Desktop / Stationary vaporizers

Stationary vaporizers are bigger units that are typically designed to be used in one place. They come with a variety of features, but they are usually beaker or cylinder-shaped and include a chamber to place the material and a simple button operation to activate the heat. Some stationary units are activated by “hitting” them, so you just inhale and it will activate the heat and vaporize the material for consumption. 

These units may not be as discreet, but some are also designed to be more of a showpiece, offering a premium design and high-end features so that you can show off to all your friends.


Benefits of a cannabis vaporizer

There are several benefits that come with using a cannabis vaporizer instead of other consumption methods. Everyone has their own preferences, but these are perks that can be appreciated by anyone who chooses to vape and purchase a unit of their own. 

Convenience: Today’s options for vaporizers are designed for the ultimate convenience. They come in several styles and sizes so that you can enjoy vaping whenever the need arises without having to do a lot of preparation or put much effort in. 

Discretion: The aroma put off by vaporizers is discreet and dissipates quickly. Unlike smoked cannabis, no one will even know that you’re enjoying a little “toke” when you use a vaporizer and you won’t have to worry about offending anyone with smells. 

Flavor profiles: The lower temperature allows the terpenes and flavor profiles of the plant material to be better appreciated than when they are combusted. For connoisseurs, this is a huge benefit to vaporizing compared to other options. 

Flexibility: Modern vaporizers are simple to use and offer a lot of flexibility. You can use the flower vaporizers to enjoy your favorite strain, or you can get a dual vaporizer that will allow you to enjoy flower and concentrates so that you can explore the full menu at your local dispensary. 

Dose control: Vaporizers use a very small amount of plant material or concentrate, allowing people to take smaller inhalations until they reach the relief they desire without burning through a lot of product. 

How to use a cannabis vaporizer?

All vaporizers are not created the same. With that said, they do generally have similar operation methods between the different styles. There will typically be a couple of important parts to pay attention to:

  • The place where you put the plant or concentrate material 
  • The operational buttons/functions 

For most vaporizers, you simply put the plant or concentrate material in the unit, then press the button to heat it. After a few seconds of heating, you can inhale from the vaporizer for about 5-10 seconds. Some devices require you to hold the button the entire time that you’re inhaling the vapor, while others, as mentioned, may be operated simply by inhaling to activate the heat coils and vaporize the material. 

It’s best to read the instructions for the cannabis vaporizer that you choose before use so that you know how to properly use the unit. You could also ask your local budtender or head shop salesperson if they can give you a few instructions and pointers for vaporizing if this is something new to you.

How to choose a cannabis vaporizer

Of course, with so many options out there today, people are often struggling to choose the best vaporization units for their enjoyment. You will typically want to think about the style that is most preferable to you first—do you want a pen, a portable unit, or a stationary vaporizer? Stationary models are generally the most expensive, while pens could be an affordable alternative. 

Consider also what features you want. Do you just need a simple “heat” button so you can enjoy vaping or do you want more digital controls and premium features like exact temperature control, etc.? There are tons of options on the market today, including everything from basic models to high-end vaporizers that deliver a premium cannabis consumption experience. 

Tabletop vs. portable cannabis vaporizer

Tabletop vaporizers are nice if you want something that’s always available when you’re home. They are also usually more fun to share with others or show off to friends, but they will be among the most expensive. Portable vaporizers are more discreet and will allow you to enjoy cannabis without everyone knowing what you’re doing. Ultimately, the choice will be yours. 

Flower vs. concentrate vaporizers

The other decision to make is whether you want a flower vaporizer or a concentrate vaporizer, or a dual unit that can handle both. Flower is often easier to work with than waxes and other concentrates, but you might get a cleaner smoke and better high from high-potency THC concentrates. 

Choosing a vaporizer can elevate your cannabis experience. Just remember to choose wisely and if you’re not sure, ask your local budtender for advice. Verts Neighborhood Dispensary can help you with all of your vaporization needs, including supplying some of the best marijuana products to use with your new vaporizer.

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