Cultivation Facility

Our Growing Practices

We grow in Tupur Organic Coco with amendments to increase microbial density in the media. (Silica, Bacteria, Carbohydrates). ​We do not spray any registered pesticides in our facility. This is to ensure the purest flower gets to our customers. We hand water all of our plants.

The Growing Facility

We have 71 dual ended flower lights in our grow. 
We use ceramic metal halides and LEDs in our veg room.  We have sourced all our own genetics from seeds, with the exception of a few.  We are required to pass several tests through a State regulated testing facility – mold, yeast, heavy metals, potency, and percent of water – before we can transfer our flower to our store.

We don’t like to brag, but some of the companies processing our trim and bud have said it is some of the best in the industry.

Striving For The Best

We’ve partnered with local nutrient and microbial companies (Mammoth and Impello Biosciences) for research and development of new products within our facility.  Each of our team members at the grow takes absolute pride in creating the best quality product for our customers. 

Different Consistencies

All of the material that gets processed into concentrates is done by a third party processing facility. We do a lot of different consistencies: BHO, edibles, cartridges, rosin, and live resin.

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