Weed concentrates in Colorado, Missouri, and Michigan


Cannabis concentrates have emerged as a significant player on dispensary store shelves. These potent cannabis products, often referred to as weed concentrate, offer a diverse range of effects for both medical and recreational consumers. But what are cannabis concentrates? Essentially, they are highly refined versions of the cannabis plant, honed down to retain only the most beneficial compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes. The result is a product that packs a punch in terms of potency, offering a more intense high than traditional cannabis flowers

Concentrates have also been known to provide a cleaner flavor profile, allowing people to truly savor the unique tastes and aromas of different cannabis strains. As the art and science of cannabis extraction continue to evolve, so too does the quality and variety of concentrates available on the market. Plus, with advances in technology, the process of creating concentrates has become more refined, resulting in purer, more potent products. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, concentrates offer a gourmet cannabis encounter.

Types of Concentrates

When talking about types of concentrates, it’s important to understand that there are various kinds of cannabis concentrates available. These include THC concentrates, THCA concentrates, and CBD concentrates. Each type caters to different preferences and needs, allowing for a highly personalized cannabis consumption method.

With the increasing popularity of concentrates, new forms continue to emerge, offering even more options for cannabis consumers. From shatter, wax, sugar, and sauce to rosin, diamonds, and live resin, the array of choices can be overwhelming but exciting for cannabis enthusiasts. This wide selection also allows people to experiment with different concentrates to find the one that best suits their desired effects and consumption methods.


What is the difference between extract and cannabis concentrates?

When discussing what is a concentrate, the word concentrate can be interchanged with the word extract. While both cannabis concentrates and extracts stem from the cannabis plant, the key difference lies in the process of creation. Extracts, while being a subset of concentrates, often require more sophisticated equipment to produce, making them a more complex form of concentrate.

Extraction solvents like BHO (Butane Hash Oil) and CO2 oil offer different concentrate product types for consumers. Plus, the extraction process can greatly influence the final product’s texture, potency, and flavor profile, adding another layer of complexity to the product. So, whether you’re a dabbing devotee or a vaping virtuoso, there’s an extract out there to meet your needs.


How potent are marijuana concentrates?

One characteristic that sets marijuana concentrates apart is their potency. THC concentrate can contain anywhere from 50% to over 90% THC, compared to 10-30% found in cannabis flowers. This high potency makes THC concentrates popular amongst experienced consumers who desire strong effects.

However, beginners need to start with small amounts and gradually increase as they become more accustomed to the effects. Potency isn’t everything though. While concentrates are incredibly potent, they should be consumed responsibly. After all, the goal is to have a good time, not get higher than you expected.

Why weed concentrate is more potent than flower?

Marijuana concentrates, particularly THCA concentrates, are more potent than flower because they contain higher concentrations of cannabinoids. In making these best concentrates, producers aim to strip away all excess plant material and retain only the desired compounds. This concentrated form of cannabis provides a more powerful effect, making it a preferred choice for many consumers.

It’s this potency that makes concentrates an excellent choice for medical cannabis patients who require higher amounts of cannabinoids. Beyond potency, concentrates offer a discreet and efficient way of consuming cannabis, making them a popular choice among both recreational and medicinal consumers. Plus, the process of creating concentrates allows for the preservation of terpenes, aromatic compounds that contribute to the flavors and powerful effects of different cannabis strains.


How to smoke concentrates

For those curious about how to smoke concentrates, there are several methods to choose from. The method chosen often depends on the types of concentrates being consumed and personal preference. You can smoke concentrates using a traditional dab rig, a modern e-nail, a dab pen, a wax pen, or even a vape pen. You can also smoke concentrates on top of bowls of cannabis or mix it in with joints.

As weed concentrates continue to gain popularity, new and innovative consumption methods are constantly being developed, offering even more ways to enjoy these potent products. Whether you prefer a traditional dab rig or a modern vaporizer, there’s a method out there to suit every concentrate enthusiast.

What concentrates can you put in a joint?

As for what concentrates can you put in a joint, the answer is almost any type. Adding concentrates to a joint can enhance the potency and effects. This practice has become increasingly popular among cannabis consumers looking to elevate their smoke sessions.

The addition of concentrates to your joint not only boosts potency but can also add new dimensions of flavor, making each puff a tasty treat. So next time you’re rolling a joint, consider adding a sprinkle of kief or a smear of wax for an extra kick! You can even add CBD concentrates to even out the cannabinoid profiles.

How to make weed concentrate

For those interested in learning how to make weed concentrate, it’s a fascinating but complex process. Creating your own weed concentrates at home is possible, but making an extract involves extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis flowers using solvents like butane or CO2, which is never recommended. This is why it’s always best to purchase professionally made extracts when possible.

For those who prefer a solventless option, you can make rosin at home. Rosin is a type of concentrate made using heat and pressure. It can be a safer alternative to explore if you’re interested in making your own concentrates. Rosin is often considered a pure extract of cannabis that is high in potency, flavor, and aroma. Collecting kief with your grinder or by using the ice-bucket method and making hash can be another great way to make your own weed concentrate without needing to worry about extraction solvents and machines.

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