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I’ve only had the pleasurable opportunity to interact with 3-4 individuals at Verts. Aside from the bomb diggity wiggity, Preston and Shilo have both been beyond amenable and friendly.

I have found only quality buds and nothing but impeccable service.
I’m very grateful for their product, especially considering other dispensaries have been lacking the entire last year.
The only comparable dispensary I’ve found is 30 miles away.

-William C.

I prefer this place because they have a wider selection than most other dispensaries in town. People will and do complain about the prices here compared to other shops but they don’t calculate the cost of their gas/time/and the convenience of the location.

This store in particular is closer to me, they have a good selection, I don’t have to drive so I save on gas, online orders are simple and quick so no complaints. The Concentrates themselves are great, they are nice to me and and they are nice to my dog, Artie. Simple as simple can be. 5/5

-Nelson C.

Colorado is one of the states that has passed several different laws regarding marijuana use, starting with medical marijuana and then pushing for the legalization of recreational cannabis so that more people can experience and enjoy the many benefits of this plant.

If you’re looking for the best Colorado dispensary, you’ve come to the right place. Before we get to the shopping, though, let’s talk a little more about marijuana in Colorado, what’s legal and what’s not, and how you can become a cannabis consumer if you live in the state.


Is Marijuana Legal In Colorado?

Colorado is one of the most progressive states when it comes to marijuana laws. Cities and counties in the state are allowed to set their own guidelines and consequences, but as a state, the rules are as follows:

  • Anyone over age 21 can buy, possess, or use recreational marijuana.
  • It is still a felony to share with or sell to anyone under the age of 21.
  • Recreational marijuana can only be purchased from licensed retailers.
  • Purchases of up to one ounce can be made at a single visit.
  • Adults 21+ can give two ounces of marijuana to another adult (21+) but cannot sell the marijuana (also applies to homegrown cannabis).
  • Adults can have up to two ounces (2 oz.) of cannabis at any given time.
  • Public use is still illegal, as is use on federal land.

There are also regulations for the point of sale, or how the product is marketed, packaged, and sold in the state. There is also a sales tax of 15% for recreational use. Medical marijuana is also legal within the state and people who have medical certification may have different rules to follow.

Medical card holders under age 21 can only have up to two grams of concentrated marijuana products, while those over age 21 can purchase up to eight grams of concentrate a day and as much as two ounces of flower, double that of recreational users.

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Colorado?

Recreational marijuana was legalized, and the first sales were seen in January 2014, and it immediately was a success. They reported $3.5 million in sales in that first month alone. As discussed, the laws for recreational and medical purchases, consumption, and growing are different so you will need to make sure that you research the applicable laws. If you have a qualifying medical condition, it may still be a good idea to get approved for a medical card because you can get better-quality products with lower prices and less sales tax than the recreational side of the dispensary market.

Recreational marijuana has made the state a lot of money. It has also attracted a lot of people to the state who want to enjoy the spoils of buying and using marijuana legally.

It’s important to understand the laws and guidelines surrounding each type of marijuana legalization within the state so that you don’t accidentally do anything outside of the law. There are strict rules about how much can be purchased, how much people can grow for themselves, traveling with cannabis products, etc.


Can Anyone Buy from a Dispensary in Colorado?

As long as you are over the age of 21, you should be able to purchase marijuana from any Colorado dispensary. The law doesn’t separate residents of the state from visitors, so anyone can shop at a recreational dispensary in Colorado provided they meet the age requirements. People will also have to adhere to the laws and guidelines of the state in regard to how much they purchase or possess at any given point.

It’s also important to note that because marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, you cannot take it home with you if you’re visiting or coming in from out of state to make a purchase. States can offer reciprocity in terms of the legalities, but you cannot physically take product from one state to the next or you’ve committed a federal crime. Therefore, you shouldn’t buy more than you intend to use while you’re in the state.

How To Grow and Sell Marijuana to Dispensaries in Colorado

As it stands, Colorado law does not allow individuals or private parties to sell to dispensaries within the state. Only licensed facilities are allowed to cultivate and sell marijuana for the dispensaries. Home growing is allowed in Colorado, but only for personal use. This ensures quality control and keeps standards high, as well as creating a strong business structure and process that is able to be monitored and regulated by state laws.


Colorado Marijuana Grower License

Only recognized growers can grow marijuana for cultivation and sale at local dispensaries, which means that anyone looking to grow will want a commercial grower license. This costs about $2,500 at the time of this writing, and will give privilege for someone to grow marijuana products for the sake of dispensing within the state.

All applicants will need to have been residents of the state for at least two years. If you are applying to grow for recreational dispensing rather than medical, you could spend upwards of $6,500 or more for the licensing and fees associated with the application.

How Many Medical Marijuana Plants Can You Grow in Colorado?

Like everything else, the personal growth of marijuana plants is legal for recreational and medical use within the state. Current Colorado state laws set the limits at six plants per resident, with three of them flowering at a time. Some cities and counties may have stricter laws, so be sure to check with yours before you start growing, just to be safe.

Commercial cultivation efforts can often have up to 3,000 plants or more growing at any one time, depending on the size and type of facility that is cultivating the cannabis. This state has some of the best laws in favor of marijuana commercialization and is likely setting the stage for others to follow suit in the near future.

How to Find Licensed Dispensary in Colorado

Finding dispensaries in Colorado isn’t difficult. There are plenty of them to be found in major cities like Denver, as well as throughout the state. There are medical dispensaries and recreational dispensaries, and it will be up to you to determine which one you want to visit. Some dispensaries have a recreational side and a medical side, allowing people to make different purchases at the same place.

The best thing you can do is research your options and read reviews to find out which dispensaries are best. Whether you’re looking for medical marijuana or recreational cannabis in Colorado, you’ll have no shortage of options. Consider the types of products you prefer and focus on finding the dispensaries that offer the best selection and pricing, as well as a location that’s easy for you to get to.

Colorado Dispensary Locations:

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary

1240 W Elizabeth St Suite C & D, Fort Collins, CO 80521
Tel: 970 -286-2318
Hours: Sunday - Thursday: 9:00am - 8:00pm and Friday & Saturday 8:00am - 8:00pm

​It is our goal to offer our customers the highest quality products at the best prices with the best customer service in Fort Collins, CO! Verts Neighborhood Dispensary is located just west of the CSU campus. We carry the largest variety of options in all of our products, if we don’t have it, we will do our best to try to get it for you! We strive to have a different deal everyday for our medical members/non-members and our recreational patients.

Verts Neighborhood Dispensary

511 Orchard St., Level 2, Golden, CO 80401
Tel: 720-361-2144
Hours: 9am-8pm everyday

Reward Programs

​Stop on by with a valid Colorado medical card and a valid ID and experience everything that Verts has to offer.​  *ALL PATIENTS NEED A VALID ID PROVING THEY ARE 21 OR OLDER* Now accepting cash or debit card (pin required). ATM’s on site. *No vertical ID’s are accepted*

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