What Does It Mean To Be Cross Faded?

What is cross faded?

You may have experienced cross fading before unintentionally. Maybe you ate edibles made with distillate and took a few shots shortly after. Or you had some beers or a few glasses of wine and smoked a joint. 

I’m sure you figured it out by now. Crossfaded is when you’re high on weed and drunk at the same time. These two combined often provide a negative experience together. 

But not always. 

There are ways that you can enjoy both cannabis and spirits together without the negative experience. Let’s face it there is nothing better than a cold beer or a nice glass of wine and a joint. It can provide you with tranquility and relaxation that is extremely therapeutic. But when done incorrectly you can have a horrible few hours while laying on the bathroom floor wishing the room would stop spinning. 

So how do you responsibly pair cannabis and alcohol to create an amazing experience? 

First, you’ll need to understand that both cannabis and alcohol are powerful substances alone. And when combined you need to understand just how they affect one another.

What does it feel like to be cross faded?

When done incorrectly, being cross faded can leave you feeling a multitude of ways that lead you to wishing the room would stop spinning so you can keep from feeling nauseous. When the alcohol and THC hit your body wrong you’ll likely feel dizzy, nauseated, disoriented, and maybe even a little paranoid. 

It can closely resemble being so drunk that you’re laying on the cold bathroom making promises to never do this again if the room would just stop spinning. 

But cross fading can also provide you with an amazing euphoria where you’re goofy, loving life, and everything is the best idea ever. And this is the cross faded feeling that you can experience when understanding just how to get there.


Best way to get crossfaded

If you know how to crossfade correctly you can experience a feeling that is euphoric. But one wrong move can lead you down a path that you’ll be praying to porcelain gods to get you out of. 

The general rule when mixing these two substances is to use them in a specific order. Do you remember that old saying, “Weed then beer, you’re in the clear. Beer then grass, you’re on your ass!” ? Well, this actually has some truth to it.

When you start the night off on beer and then start smoking you are putting yourself at risk of a negative crossfade experience. This is because alcohol makes your high more intense while feeling the effects of alcohol simultaneously. You are not thinking about the dosages when you are already drunk, you’re just thinking about having a good time.

Smoking weed and then drinking will intensify your high without being drunk. Therefore, you avoid many of the unwanted symptoms.

As with anything it’s all about balance and of course the quality of the ingredients and understanding. Too much of anything is bad for you, so make sure that you aren’t overdoing it. Don’t green out, or drink too much and you’ll be okay. And you’ll have a better experience if you’re choosing quality ingredients whether it’s good cannabis or spirits.

When it comes to choosing the best strain there are some things that you’ll want to take into consideration. There are different types of cannabis products for just about any strain. Choosing the same strain as a distillate thc, distillate oil or extract will affect you differently. 

When choosing between distillate vs oil or thc distillate vs extract, it mostly comes down to personal experience. But you should understand the difference between distillate and concentrate. Just ask your Verts budtender they will be able to explain the thc distillation and other processes of how products are made so you know how they will affect you. 

When it comes to distillate compared to full-spectrum extract, it can ultimately lead to a better experience with cannabis. Again your budtender at Verts Dispensary will be able to help you to understand how the plant goes through extensive processing and how it will affect you which is essential to a good experience.

For example, a distillate syringe THC is a great way to consume an accurate and high potency of cannabis, and have other THC syringe tips that will help you get the right amount of high.

They will also tell you about some CBD distillate uses that might surprise you.


Cross faded symptoms

The symptoms of smoking a joint when you are already drunk can result in the following symptoms – dizziness, fainting, vomiting, and greening out. These are the most commonly reported when they are ingested in this order. 

But if you drink after smoking a joint the symptoms can be very different. These symptoms will be more pleasing and enjoyable.

Cross faded effects

When individuals smoke marijuana and drink large doses of alcohol it will affect the THC levels in your body. It can cause the THC levels in your blood plasma to nearly double.


Can you die from being cross faded?

While combining marijuana and alcohol alone cannot kill you, you are at an increased risk of alcohol poisoning. Let’s face it, once we are a little drunk we don’t always make the best decisions, and taking those extra shots wasn’t really necessary, but you did it anyway.

But if you have pure thc distillate or distillate edibles you might experience a different effect if you normally smoke bud.

How long does being crossfaded last?

There’s no exact amount of time that the bad reaction to mixing weed and alcohol will last, but usually, it passes within a few hours. 

But generally speaking, how long you feel crossfaded depends mainly on the amount of weed or alcohol in your body. For example, taking a little puff off of a one-hitter isn’t going to last as long if you smoked a whole blunt.

How to stop being cross faded

The best way to get over the crossfade is to simply wait it out. But here are some ways that you can ease the process if you are having a negative experience,  

Drink water

While drinking water isn’t scientifically proven to help, it does reduce the longevity of your inebriation. We know that water usually helps to lessen a drunk and will provide you with the necessary hydration to reduce the unpleasant hangover symptoms you’re bound to experience in the morning. 

Find a cool place to chill

Yup the cold kitchen or bathroom provides the cooling down that your body needs to keep from overheating and throwing up. You can also try sticking your head in the freezer or using a cold rag on your next to cool down.

Sleep it off

While there are instances that closing your eyes will increase the spins, oftentimes your body will settle down after a few minutes and you’ll eventually fall asleep. But this depends. You might want to try to cool down before you try closing your eyes. 

Have a supportive friend

We all need a little help sometimes and having a friend around when you’re experiencing negative experiences from crossfading is always safer and more controlled. They are able to help calm the anxiety that you might feel and help contain the swirling thoughts that you’re having which will help you better manage the come-down process.

Best ways to avoid the crossfaded high

This is stating the obvious, but avoiding drinking and smoking at the same time is the best way to avoid the crossfade. Simply choose which substance you want to enjoy that night and stick with it. The combination of using both together can ruin your night.

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