The Basics About Live Rosin

If you’ve dabbled in marijuana extracts, you might have heard of live rosin. Concentrate connoisseurs often consider it the best product on the market. It’s highly popular and has become a necessity for those who enjoy consuming cannabis. However, live rosin can be a bit more expensive than other options so it’s important to be aware of what it is and how well it works.

Live rosin is best known for providing the purest flavors you can find in marijuana products across the country. Because of that, many aficionados choose live rosin whenever it is available. However, there are some myths out there about this product so we want to share the facts.

What Is Live Rosin?

First, let’s tackle the big question: What is live rosin? It is a hash oil concentrate but it’s made differently than the traditional butane hash oils you might be familiar with. The “live” part of the name comes from a practice of freezing cannabis products after they are harvested. However, rosin is something very unique.

Live rosin can be more expensive than other extracts for those who like concentrates. However, this is offset by the quality of the product. Those who want the purest and cleanest concentrate will appreciate what live rosin brings to the table.


How Is Live Rosin Made?

Are you wondering “How is live rosin produced?” Fresh, frozen marijuana is agitated in a bath of ice water to create live rosin. Once the trichome heads are removed, they’re collected in screen bags and separated before being frozen and dried. This is where you would stop if you were creating bubble hash.

Next, you use a live resin press with low heat and pressure to push the mixture through a second screen bag. This creates a highly concentrated live rosin with lots of cannabinoids and terpenes.  What makes live rosin different from other products is how pure it is. It has a lot to offer compared to other extraction techniques.


Benefits of Live Rosin

THC live rosin features a wide variety of benefits for both casual marijuana users and those who consume it on a more frequent basis. A few of the most impressive benefits include the following:

  •   No solvent use – Live rosin does not make use of chemicals as solvents. Instead, it is a natural product without anything added to it. This makes it safer than other marijuana concentrates that utilize hazardous materials.
  •   Totally natural – The process of freezing and pressing live rosin helps to protect all of the cannabinoids and terpenes. They are natural and experience no damage during the process.
  •   Unaltered product – Many marijuana consumers appreciate having the best representation of the plant itself in all their products. That’s what you get in live rosin, but in a concentrate form that can be used in various ways.
  •   Medical value – The production method for live rosin is natural, which is a benefit for medical marijuana users. The quality is higher than most other types of cannabis concentrates you will find.
  •   Top craftsmanship – Since live rosin is produced in smaller quantities, those who make it are passionate about what they do. They respect the process and value quality over quantity so you get a better product.
  •   Easier dabbing – For those who like dabbing, live rosin is a great choice for it. It has a much lower melting point so you can use it more quickly to get the effects that you are hoping for.
  •   Wide availability – While live rosin might not be mass-produced, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find. Dispensaries like Verts Neighborhood Dispensary offer excellent live rosin for a reasonable price compared to competitors.

How to Use Live Rosin

There are several methods to use live rosin concentrate. Dabbing the concentrate can be done to get the best terpene content, which some find more attractive than simply smoking rosin in a bowl. However, you can also add it to a bowl with flower. Some people choose to use a vape pen to consume live rosin. It can also be added to blunts and joints.

How Does Live Rosin Make You Feel?

Live rosin is often described as providing a more potent experience than other marijuana products. Because of this, it can be a richer experience for those who desire that. The high terpene count and lack of chemicals make it a clean alternative to traditional marijuana products. 

This product can be used to help people sleep. It also can keep you motivated and uplifted and even ease physical and mental tension. Everyone is different so your experience may be unique from the next person’s.

What’s the Differences Between Live Rosin and Live Resin?

When it comes to live resin vs. live rosin, there is one substantial difference between the two. It all comes down to how the products are made. Live resin is made using an extraction method that incorporates solvents. Rosin is made with no solvents. It’s created using only pressure and heat.

Since both products are live, they each have a better flavor than other concentrates. The terpenes are preserved using flash freezing before the concentrate is extracted from the plant.

Does Live Rosin Get You Higher Than Resin?

When someone asks, “Is live rosin better than live resin?” they often want to know which produces a better high. In terms of potency, live resin does contain more THC so it can create a more impressive high for consumers. The extraction process is more complicated and offers the better results of the two products.

Compared to a pre-roll joint or something similar, live rosin is going to get you higher in most cases. It’s important to experiment to find out what the right dose is for you. For many, less live rosin is needed to get the desired effects which can help cut down on costs, even though rosin is more expensive.

How to Store Live Rosin?

The way you store live rosin and other concentrates will have an impact on how long it keeps its potency. The consistency is sensitive to temperature and the textures require the right container to get the most out of the product. If you’re new to using live rosin, we have a few tips to ensure you select the best storage technique. 

Glass containers are the best option for storing this product. It also needs to have an airtight lid. Some people use silicone, but it can leach into the product over an extended period of time. The container should be placed in a location that is dark and cool. The refrigerator is best but dark drawers or cabinets can also be used.

Where to Buy Live Rosin?

Are you interested in trying CBD live rosin? Choose a high-quality dispensary in your area to get the best concentrates. You can enjoy a high-potency product that provides you with all the natural intensity of the marijuana plant. Live rosin comes in many flavors and types so you can select a variety that matches your preferences.

When you want to buy live rosin in Colorado, Missouri, or Michigan, you can count on the professionals at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary. We offer the best live rosin you could find and provide knowledgeable experts to help you choose the right product for your needs.

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