Sativa vs indica: which is the best choice for edibles

Edibles are a great way to enjoy cannabis consumption. The growing selection of products available today includes an inventory of sativa, indica, and hybrid edibles that you can use for any number of desired effects. But when it comes to edibles, some people wonder which type would be best for their needs.

The short answer? That depends on the effects that you’re going for. There are several things to consider, and we’ll cover those below. For starters, it’s important to know the difference between sativa and indica in terms of their effects and what they offer in the world of edible marijuana products.

As with all marijuana products, the strain may have more of an impact on your decision than whether it’s a sativa or indica, so do your research to see what you like best. Too often, people get caught up in the “sativa vs indica” game only to realize later that the actual marijuana strain and terpenes are more important—pay attention to those and you’ll be ahead of the game.

What does sativa do to you?

Sativa strains are designed to help people get things done, combat depression and fatigue, and so much more. The mind high of sativa is what makes it popular. It can help with depression, fatigue, chronic conditions, ADHD, and more. Sativa strains are stimulating to the brain, not relaxing like the indica strains, so they’re best used in the morning or during the day.

Sativa is for lifting moods, boosting energy, increasing focus, and even helping you socialize better. This type of marijuana is great for those who need a mental boost.

How does sativa make you feel?

Sativa typically makes people feel uplifted and happy. You may feel motivated, euphoric, energized, or any other number of things. Some people enjoy sativa because it helps them focus and get things done. Others like it for combating depression and fatigue, chronic pain, and other conditions.

Sativa edibles can make you feel:

  • Happy
  • Energized
  • Motivated
  • Creative
  • Productive
  • Giggly

Some people find that sativa makes them feel anxious—if this is you, it might be time to switch to a hybrid or an indica.


What does indica do to you?

Indica cannabis strains are known for their relaxing, sedating effects. Most people (including the experts) recommend using indica edibles only at night or when you’re ready for sleep. Otherwise, you could find yourself struggling to get through the day because you’re too relaxed and don’t have the energy that you need.

Some people don’t have the same effects from indica strains as others. There are people who are more (or less) sensitive to the THC or the specific strain being used. However, most people will get these relaxed, sleepy feelings from indica strains.

How does indica make you feel?

Indica strains are typically known to make you feel calmer and less energized. They are a good choice for evenings or those who have anxiety. These strains make people sleepy when they’re strong indicas, and can help with pain relief, anxiety, loss of appetite, and other issues.

Indica edibles may produce feelings of:

  • Relaxation
  • Tiredness
  • Calm
  • Physical relaxation (muscle and pain relief)
  • Happiness

At the end of a long day, there’s nothing like a good indica edible to bring you down and help you unwind.


Does sativa or indica make you hungry?

This is another question that’s more about strains than just indica vs sativa edibles. The terpenes and other elements in various marijuana plants are what cause effects like hunger (AKA “the munchies). It’s also important to note that consuming THC in other forms is usually more effective at producing these results.

However, some people may still notice that they get hungry from consuming an edible. While sativa strains are usually known for helping appetite, indica and hybrid strains can have this effect, too. There is even new research that suggests many heavy indica strains have good effects on the appetite and metabolism.

Again, it’s all about the terps.

If you are specifically looking for an edible (or another marijuana product) that helps with appetite and hunger, try strains like:

Of course, when you’re buying edibles, you’re not really informed as to which strains they’re made with or other details, so you might not be able to narrow down strains like this—if so, try switching to another consumption method.

Does sativa or indica make you sleepy?

As discussed above, indica is usually the strain that you want if you’re trying to get more sleep, improve sleep quality, or just need help relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day. Sativa is designed to be uplifting and mood-boosting, while indica edibles will help with sleep.

Again, of course, this can affect each person differently, and some indica strains are heavier than others. Since you don’t have the luxury of choosing strains with edibles, it might be a good idea to ask for higher THC content in your indica selection so you maximize the effects.

What is stronger – sativa or indica?

Marijuana strains affect everyone differently. Whether a strain is a sativa or indica doesn’t predicate its effectiveness, though. The strength of any edible or marijuana product is based on the THC quantity (and quality). Edibles that are purer and that have high THC content will be stronger and produce better results.

With edibles, you should use caution because strong ones can kick in quick and take a while to wear off. There’s less control here, so you will want to start small and consume more as needed. That way, you don’t find yourself way too high with no way to come down.

What is better – indica or sativa edibles?

Again, the decision depends on your desired effects and what you are using the edibles for. Sativa edibles are great for those who need help with focus and motivation, while indica edibles can be a great nighttime treat to help you unwind and relax after a long day.

The important distinction here is the efficacy of the edibles. If they weren’t properly prepared, the terpenes from the flower used to create them could be lost or destroyed. Once the terpenes are affected, the strain effects could change drastically. Or worse, you could feel nothing at all.

Consider why you want to try edibles in the first place. That will help you decide which strain is best. And if you’re just looking to enjoy a little relaxation in the middle of the day, consider a nice hybrid instead. Edibles also come in hybrid strains, and should be clearly marked when you purchase them.

Get out there and grab some edibles and try them for yourself. Just remember to start slow so you don’t overdo it. If you try a strain or type of weed that doesn’t do it for you, try a different one. And when you need help deciding, reach out to the experts at Verts Dispensary and we’ll get you hooked up with quality edibles for your needs.

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