Solventless Extracts: Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard the term solventless? Maybe someone said it and you’re curious exactly what it means. In the world of legalized marijuana, solventless cannabis extracts are becoming one of the most popular products for both new and experienced consumers. 

An extract is a concentrated form of a chemical compound. In this case, we’re referring to the compounds found in a marijuana plant. Some people will use chemical solvents, such as alcohol, CO2, propane, or butane, to remove the terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant matter. Others choose to go another way.

What Is Solventless?

So, what is solventless in this case?  When a product is described as solventless, dangerous chemicals are not used in the extraction process. This is a positive decision for manufacturers and those who use their products. Chemicals can be hazardous to use and may leave residual solvents in the final product.

In some states, new cutoff limits are being put in place to ensure products are safe for consumers. Where these limits are law, there is only a certain amount of solvent that is allowed to be in a marijuana product.

solventless extraction

Is Solventless Healthier?

Many consumers who use marijuana for a medical condition prefer solventless extraction for their products. Since these extracts have no chemical toxins, you will not breathe those in while consuming the marijuana. Many believe that this makes solvent-free products healthier than those that use solvents.

Research is ongoing to determine what level of harm is associated with inhaling residual solvents. However, choosing solventless extracts provides a cleaner alternative to choosing products made with CO2 or BHO oil.


Differences Between Solventless vs. Solvent-Free?

If you’re trying to decide between a solvent vs. solventless concentrate, solventless is the superior option for many people. However, there’s another question to ask yourself. Is there anything unique to be aware of when choosing a product that is free of solvent vs. a solventless extract? 

It might sound like the two are the same but that’s not entirely accurate. Solventless extraction methods separate trichome heads using mechanical force. Solvent-free manufacturing indicates that solvents were used in the production of a product but purification has been done to remove residual solvent. 

Both solvent-free and solventless extractions are very high quality and provide great results. Solventless concentrates are never exposed to solvents and therefore are also free of solvents. Solvent-free items use chemical extraction but the solvents are later removed

What Are the Benefits of Solventless Extracts?

There are many benefits associated with solventless concentrates.  We’re going to share a handful of them so you better understand why many consumers demand solventless marijuana extracts be used in all their products.

  • Potential to save money – Solventless products tend to be stronger than other types of cannabis oils. Many find they also last longer. This means you can use less of these extracts which can save you money in the long run.
  • Fewer inhaled chemicals – You can avoid harsh chemicals and solvents when you choose solventless products. These are safer since there are no toxic or harmful chemicals contained in them. Heat is used to pull the cannabinoids out of the extract without the need for chemicals.
  • Environmentally friendly – Less pollution is sent into the soil, air, and water when solventless extracts are being produced. It also takes fewer resources to create the final product. Switching to solventless products is one of many ways you can help to protect the environment.
  • Awareness of contents – Choosing solventless extracts assures you that you know exactly what you are buying and consuming. These are “pure” products without any extra items added to them. Rather than consuming chemicals, you are getting cannabinoids only.
  • Zero residue – For patients who use medical marijuana, solventless concentrates are especially beneficial. The medication is cleaner and can last longer. Solventless products contain all the cannabinoids you want so you get medication without any fillers.
  • Lack of artificial taste – Some of the companies who use solvents in their products try to mask the taste of those things. This can result in an odd taste when using the extracts. For a more natural taste, solventless concentrates are the right way to go.

What Are Solventless Edibles?

Solventless extracts are used to make edibles that are safer for patients and recreational users of marijuana. The basic process involves infusing foods or beverages with extracts like bubble or rosin hash. Extractors create the extracts, which are then heated to activate the cannabinoids.

Capsules, gummies, tinctures, and chocolates are a few of the edibles that can be made with solventless extracts. Instead of cooking them directly into a recipe, the concentrate is infused into something like MCT oil or butter and then incorporated into a tasty snack.

How Are Solventless Concentrates Made?

The way a product is made depends on which of the solventless concentrate types it falls under. Many types of extracts can be used, including the ones listed below: 

  •   Hash – Hash is made from compressed kief from a marijuana plant. It’s made into a ball or block of doughy or hard resin. Hash oil is accumulated from the trichomes. Both can include parts of the plants and are often smoked or consumed orally.
  •   Bubble hash – Bubble hash or water hash is made of trichomes separated from the plant using micro screens, agitation, and cold water. It’s a clean method that creates large quantities of pure resin. The name comes from the way it bubbles when it touches a flame.
  •   Rosin – Rosin is created by eliminating lipids and fats from the plant. It creates a transparent appearance and the substance easily breaks into small pieces than cold. Colors vary based on the solvent, age, and extraction method utilized.
  •  Kief – Kief refers to the trichomes that have been taken from the flow using a mesh screen. This is a very potent product that can later be pressed into hash. It can be used to top joints or added to food as an ingredient.

Can Dabbing Solventless Oil Be Safe?

Solventless hash can be dabbed with fewer safety issues than a product made with chemicals. No residue is included so you are inhaling only the plant products. This is the top choice for health-conscious consumers who wish to dab using extracts.

How to Properly Smoke Solventless Extracts?

You can use solventless wax (and other products) to smoke marijuana in much the same way you would any other flower. The simplest method is to use it in a joint. However, you can also smoke it with a pipe. Simply add a screen to the pipe, add flower to the bowl, and put a few pieces of extract on top before smoking.

Where to Buy Solventless Concentrates

There are many dispensaries available across the United States where you can purchase various solventless concentrates. If you’re looking for a premium company that provides high-quality products, visit Verts Neighborhood Dispensary in Missouri, Colorado, or Michigan. We offer a wide variety of cannabis strains, edibles, extracts, and concentrates to choose from.

Whether you’re suffering from a medical issue or want solventless marijuana extract for recreational use, we provide a selection of options so you can choose what works best for you. Stop one of our dispensary locations and check out our selection today!

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