Cannabis for Vertigo

For people who have vertigo, whether the result of an inner ear disorder or another cause, medical cannabis could provide some relief. There are studies that have shown that marijuana can assist with the symptoms of vertigo, including inflammation, nausea, and others. Learn more about vertigo and its symptoms, as well as how cannabis and CBD can help.

What is vertigo?

Vertigo is the medical term for feeling lightheaded or dizzy. It often affects people who have inner ear problems, as mentioned, but can have several different causes. Vertigo can be debilitating because it is hard to function when things are constantly spinning or you feel nauseous all the time. This condition includes symptoms like headaches, abnormal eye movements, and the aforementioned nausea, inflammation, and more.

Everyone experiences this condition a little differently. However, it basically refers to ongoing dizziness and lightheadedness that may or may not be caused by another condition.


What causes vertigo?

As mentioned, there are several different causes of vertigo and some diagnoses that have no real cause at all (usually called idiopathic vertigo). Inner ear problems and central nervous system issues are the most common cause of this condition, but it can be a symptom or side effect of anything from a sinus cold to cancer and everything in between.

Migraines and severe headaches, as well as chronic headache conditions can lead to vertigo that can pop up whenever there is a headache flare up. In that instance, you’d want to find cannabis strains to treat the migraines or headaches and that will also alleviate the symptoms of the vertigo in question.

Meniere’s Disease and Vestibular Neuritis or Labyrinthitis are two of the most common causes of vertigo. It may also be associated with head or neck injury, or even strokes or tumors in the brain. The cause impacts the best course of treatment and can help you figure out how long you can expect vertigo to last.


How long does vertigo last?

Vertigo can last anywhere from a few hours to a lifetime. Some people have vertigo for decades with no relief and just have to deal with feeling dizzy all the time. This is also why some people seek to alleviate the symptoms above all else. There’s not really a cure for this condition, unless it has a specific medical cause that is treatable.

Most people who seek out medical marijuana for vertigo relief are experiencing long-term conditions where they have struggled for years with feeling lightheaded and dizzy as a result of a medical condition or imbalance in the inner ears. Left untreated, it could lead to a lifetime of discomfort and pain.

If you are fortunate enough to find the cause, you may be able to alleviate vertigo easier. However, that also depends on what’s causing it and what the best course of treatment is going to be. If vertigo is caused by medication, for example, doctors might consider changing the medication to one that doesn’t cause this side effect.

How to treat vertigo

Typically, vertigo is treated with medications that are designed to alleviate sinus pressure, reduce headaches, improve inner ear balance, and more. Some doctors require physical therapy for the vestibular system, which is responsible for helping with balance and inner ear health.

It’s important to talk to a doctor about the cause of vertigo in order to find the best relief, no matter what that might be. Some people will choose to treat this condition with CBD and medical marijuana simply because there really is no better option on the market currently. And since CBD and marijuana are all-natural, they still give people a chance to get relief without harsh prescription medications.

Is cannabis good for vertigo?

Cannabis works by activating specific endocannabinoid receptors in the body, specifically in the central nervous system, that help reduce the effects of vertigo. The anti-seizure effects of cannabis also make it a good choice for treatment for those who want natural relief or who can’t find relief elsewhere. In addition to helping directly with the dizziness and lightheaded feelings, cannabis can also alleviate nausea and vomiting, headaches, and other symptoms of this condition.

There are several different strains (which we’ll talk about at the end) that can alleviate the symptoms and effects of vertigo. This condition often has no real cure, so finding effective treatment is the best option for most who are plagued with vertigo.

Is there a CBD oil for vertigo?

There are CBD oils out there that are designed to alleviate vertigo. They will be marketed as such, or you can check for CBD products that alleviate headaches and nausea to get relief from the vertigo symptoms that you are experiencing. There are oils that include CBD for just about any condition that you can think of today. Make sure that you think about the issues that you want to address and then look for the CBD products that contain relief for those specific concerns.

How to use CBD for vertigo

If you choose CBD oil, you can put it on food or in a drink, or even just put a few drops under your tongue for relief throughout the day. You should always start with a lower dose because you can take more if you need to. If you take too much, there is no going back and you could end up experiencing effects that are worse than the vertigo was to begin with.

Be sure to follow all label instructions on the CBD oils that you choose for vertigo. If you aren’t sure how to consume the product or how much to consume, check the label for dosing information. Try out different products and formulations to see which ones offer the most relief for your vertigo with the fewest adverse effects. Then, you will be able to move forward despite your condition and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Best strains for Vertigo

As with many conditions, there are some strains that are more effective for the treatment of vertigo than others. Depending on which symptoms you are trying to alleviate, you will have a lot of different options for marijuana strains that can help with vertigo.

To alleviate the headaches, try Purple Urkle or White Widow. If you’re struggling with nausea, try Chocolope, Death Star, or any of the Cheese strains. Strains like Grandaddy Purple and Amnesia Haze are great for anxiety and alleviating the increasing agitation that often comes with having this condition. If your vertigo is causing depression, try Harlequin or Jack Herer.

As with all things, there will be some trial and error here. You may have to try a few strains to see which ones you like best. Make sure to also consider CBD vs. THC for vertigo. Some people want the symptom relief without the euphoric effects, so they will take CBD products instead. Others like the full effect of marijuana with THC, and will prefer the strains listed above for alleviating the vertigo symptoms that they experience.

Vertigo and marijuana have had a longstanding relationship. Patients looking for relief should talk to a medical marijuana doctor to get qualified. Come on down to Verts Neighborhood Dispensary or give us a call to learn more about qualifying for medical cannabis, the best products for vertigo, and more.

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