Does Amendment 3 Allow Missourians to Make or Sell Marijuana Edibles?

Over the past couple of decades, attitudes toward marijuana have changed significantly. There is far less stigma around the use of weed than there used to be, and in many states, it has already been legalized for medicinal and recreational use.

What Is Missouri’s Amendment 3 About?

Although Missouri is historically a conservative state, voters went to the polls in November and passed Amendment 3. It is important to understand how this amendment changes weed laws in Missouri.

The amendment makes legal marijuana for recreational use, and it is creating a licensing program for those who want to get into the business of selling. Additionally, this amendment expunges the criminal records of people who have non-violent weed charges. Those who were convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana and selling to minors will not have their charges expunged either.

The amendment will is in effect from December 8 onward, but it will still be a bit longer before residents can purchase weed from dispensaries. The earliest recreational marijuana will be purchasable through dispensaries will be February 6, 2023, so you still have a little time to wait before you can get edibles in Missouri.

Medical marijuana was legalized in Missouri in 2018, and there are already some dispensaries set up for medical purchases. These businesses that started in the medical marijuana field will be the first ones to have recreational licenses, so they can start selling.

Amendment 3 has also changed medical marijuana in the state for the better. In the past, medical marijuana cards were good for a year, and they would have to be renewed after that. However, with the passage of this amendment, the cards are now good for three years before needing renewal. Patient cultivation cards, for those patients who grow their own marijuana, will now also be valid for three years rather than just one year.

Also, the cost of the medical marijuana cards will remain the same at $25, and the cultivation card cost will be dropped to $50 from $100. Another change will be that more healthcare professionals will now be capable of certifying people for the medical marijuana program.

Are Edibles Now Legal in Missouri?

Technically, with the passage of Amendment 3, edibles are legal in Missouri as of December 8. As mentioned, buying THC gummies in Missouri, along with other edible products, will have to wait until the dispensaries are selling them in early February. The same is true of other marijuana products unless you are using them for medical purposes and have a medical card.


Can You Make Marijuana Edibles at Home in Missouri?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions regarding Missouri edibles. According to Amendment three, those Missouri residents who are at least 21 years old can purchase and consume marijuana-infused products.

The definition of marijuana-infused, according to Amendment 3, is products that have been infused, dipped, coated, sprayed, or mixed with marijuana. This would include edible products, along with tinctures and ointments.

Because Missouri’s Amendment 3 allows residents who are of age to buy, possess, consume, ingest, inhale, process, transport and deliver three ounces or less of dried unprocessed marijuana, the Missouri edibles law also means that people can make and eat marijuana-infused edibles in their homes. You could buy cookies at a Missouri dispensary, or you could make them at home.

Where Can You Consume Edibles in Missouri?

Generally speaking, recreational marijuana is allowed in the same locations where smoking tobacco is allowed. Naturally, it is allowed in your own home.

However, you have to be aware that it is still illegal to consume marijuana and then operate any sort of motor vehicle. This could include cars, recreational vehicles, boats, trains, airplanes, etc. The punishments for operating vehicles under the influence are the same as they were before the passage of Amendment 3. It doesn’t give people the right to become a danger to others.

Additionally, there may be certain local regulations that determine where you can and cannot consume edibles and other forms of marijuana. Always check the local laws and regulations before doing so. Most people, of course, will be at their home or the home of a friend when enjoying their Missouri edibles.

Who Can Sell Edibles in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will be in charge of the marijuana industry in Missouri and will oversee the licensing process. As mentioned, the medicinal marijuana dispensaries will be the first ones to receive their licenses. However, there will be other large dispensaries available in the future.

Additionally, Amendment 3 has created a microbusiness license program. This is for smaller businesses and is designed to help them get into the market of selling or cultivating marijuana products, albeit on a smaller scale. There will be certain location or financial criteria that will have to be met for a business to qualify for the micro license program. Typically, these will be offered to families or communities where the prohibition of marijuana has had a greater impact in the past.

When Can I Buy Legal Weed in Missouri?

When it comes to buying legal weed in Missouri, you will want to go through one of the dispensaries. This is true whether you are a patient, or you are buying recreational marijuana. You can’t simply find someone in your neighborhood who grows and buy from them. Everything is still regulated and taxed through the state, and it would be illegal. The same is true if you were going to buy THC edibles in Missouri, for example. Someone might be able to gift you a couple of edibles, but they can’t sell edibles to you.

For your safety and to stay within the bounds of the law, make sure you are buying through a licensed dispensary or microbusiness dispensary. You could, however, grow your marijuana and then make edibles for personal use.

What Are the Purchase Limits for Edibles in Missouri?

When you are purchasing edibles in Missouri, a limit will be imposed on just how much you can buy and possess at a single time. Currently, this is three ounces of dried, unprocessed marijuana, or the MME equivalent for edibles.

Where to Buy CBD Edibles in Missouri?

If you are going to buy THC edibles in Missouri, you will want to go to one of the top dispensaries in the state. Fortunately, we have four fantastic dispensaries located in Missouri. Find the one that’s located nearest to where you live, so you don’t have to travel too far.

There is one in Dexter, located at 1803 Business U.S. 60, and the phone number is 573-316-9638. Our dispensary in Joplin is at 25733 Fir Rd, and the phone number is 417-612-8371. The Pacific dispensary is at 1340 Thornton St., and the number is 636-242-1891. Our Gallatin dispensary is at 509 N. Main St., and you can call 660-631-8724 to get in touch.

You will find a wide range of products available through our dispensaries including an array of edibles of different types. Whether you are looking for gummies, cookies, or another option, you can find what you need through our Verts dispensaries.

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