Bud Breakdown: Blue Dream strain

Blue Dream is a beloved cannabis strain popularized in the late 70’s- and has since withstood the test of time! Known for its deliciously sweet flavor, Blue Dream is almost always listed as a favorite among cannabis enthusiasts.  But what makes this strain so special? Read on to find out!

Is Blue Dream indica or sativa?

Blue Dream is a hybrid strain. It’s sativa-dominant, hovering at about 60% sativa vs 40% indica.  Blue Dream’s most abundant terpenes include:

Terpenes are responsible for the taste and smell of cannabis strains.


What is the lineage of the Blue Dream strain?

The lineage of the Blue Dream strain is Blueberry indica crossed with Super Silver Haze.


Blueberry indica

Blueberry is a cross between Purple Tha and Thai.  Blueberry became popularized when it won the title of High Times’ Best Indica in the 2000 Cannabis Cup.

DJ Short is known to be the mastermind behind Blueberry, dating back to the late 70’s.

Super Silver Haze strain

Super Silver Haze is a legend, winning first place at the High Times Cannabis Cup for three consecutive years in ‘97, ‘98, and ‘99. Super Silver Haze tastes like spicy herbs with notes of citrus and a skunky undertone.

The main terpenes in Super Silver Haze include:


What is the distinct flavor profile of the Blue Dream strain?

Blue Dream has an incredibly distinct, sweet flavor profile. It evolves from blueberry to cotton candy all mingling happily in harmony.

The flavor is often cited as one of people’s favorite things about Blue Dream.

What is the THC level of Blue Dream?

Blue Dream has a moderate level of THC, averaging out around 20%.

However, Blue Dream has very little CBD, which is a cannabinoid that helps counteract THC a little bit. Therefore, although the THC content isn’t skyrocketing, it’s important to consume Blue Dream slowly and responsibly.

Where is the best place to purchase Blue Dream?

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