How to Decide Which Strains to Try

Want to know how to decide which strains to try? If you’re considering trying cannabis for the first time, or just want to expand your knowledge of the various strains, then this weed strain guide is for you. We’ll help you understand what to look out for when shopping for the right cannabis strain, and how to make sure it’s suitable for your needs.

No matter your experience level, figuring out which strains of cannabis to try can be intimidating, but also a fun experience. There are so many types of cannabis strains available, from sativas and indicas to hybrids, it can be hard to know what’s right for you. This weed strain guide will help you determine which strain is best suited for your individual needs and preferences, whether it’s a relaxing or energizing effect that you seek, or something in between.

What Are Strains?

Strains are the names used to describe different types of cannabis plants. You might have  heard of famous weed strains like Runtz, Sour Diesel, or Gorilla Glue. Every strain has its own cannabis genetics that determines how long it will grow, what the plant will look like when it will flower, what those flowers will look like, and how potent the strain will be when harvested.

When it comes to choosing the right strain of cannabis, there are a few key things to consider. Firstly, you need to understand the difference between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains. Each type has a very distinct set of characteristics that can influence the effects on the body and mind.

  • Sativa strains are known for their uplifting and energizing effects.
  • Indica strains are known to provide a more relaxed, calming experience.
  • Hybrid strains combine traits of both sativas and indicas in varying proportions.

The terpene profile is another important factor when it comes to understanding strains. Terpenes are aromatic compounds found within the essential oils of all plants, including cannabis. They contribute to the flavor and aroma of each strain. In addition to influencing your sensory experience with cannabis, terpenes also play a role in how the strain affects you. Some people believe that if a strain smells good to you, there’s a chance it may be your senses being drawn to the terpenes in that strain.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that every individual reacts differently to particular strains based on their genetics and sensitivities. That’s why experimenting with different types of weed strains is often necessary before finding the right weed strain for you. Additionally, it’s worth consulting experienced budtenders by asking for their opinions and recommendations.


How to Find Out What Your Weed Strain Is?

Figuring out which strain you’re consuming can be tricky if you don’t have the proper information. Luckily, when you get your weed at a dispensary there are regulations that require labels with strain names and other information. Here are a few tips on how to identify weed strains and make sure it’s suitable for your needs:

  • Ask the budtender – Verts budtenders are knowledgeable about the cannabis strains they sell, so if you buy from a Verts dispensary, they can help provide information about each strain.
  • Check the label – If you know what type of product you’re buying (flower, pre-roll, concentrate, etc.) there will be some sort of labeling indicating what strain it is.

Do your own research – Using online resources such as Leafly or Weedmaps is an easy way to learn more about particular strains. They have online databases with strain info that includes some of the oldest weed strains known. You can also get access to lab tests results which list the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of each product


Do Different Strains of Weed Have Different Effects?

Yes, different strains of weed can have drastically different effects. This is due to different  cannabis genetics having varying ratios of select cannabinoids and terpenes in each strain. Each one interacts differently with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which ultimately determines how you experience cannabis. 

Some strains are more likely to produce a relaxing or energizing effect, while others may cause drowsiness or even paranoia if not taken properly. That’s why it’s important to choose the right strain for your desired result.

How to Choose the Right Strain of Weed

When choosing a strain, it’s important to consider your goals. Are you looking for a certain effect such as relaxation or creativity? Do you have any pre-existing conditions or physical ailments that could be treated with specific strains? Or are you simply seeking an enjoyable experience?

Taking all of these factors into account will help you find the right strain for your needs. Additionally, always be sure to consult with your budtender as they can provide valuable insight on which strains are best suited for your individual circumstances.

What is The Best Strain For Beginners?

It’s important for beginners to start with something that won’t be too overwhelming. Strains with low levels of THC and high levels of CBD (or cannabidiol) are often recommended for first-time users as they can provide a milder experience. Balanced strains such as Harlequin, one of the best hybrid strains, are a great choice for entry-level users because it contains balanced levels of THC and CBD.

How Do I Know if Sativa or Indica is Better For Me?

Choosing between a sativa or indica strain type is going to be a personal preference. The best way to decide is by understanding how each of these strain types affects you. As we mentioned earlier, sativas are known to be energizing and provide a more stimulating effect, whereas indicas are said to help with relaxation and sleeping. However, everyone reacts differently, so you may not get the same results.

Once you do decide if sativa or indica is better for you, you can use that knowledge to shop. If you’re a fan of sativa strains, just ask to see the sativa strain list. On the other hand, if you find you prefer indica strains, then ask for the most potent indica strain.

How to Pick Weed at a Dispensary

Unless you’re experienced with cannabis, it’s a good rule of thumb to ask your budtender questions about each strain’s cannabinoid profile and terpene profile. Also, ask if they have any recommendations for strains that they know or have heard produce the effects you want from your weed strain. 

What Strain is Best For Me?

The best way to determine which strain is right for you is to try different varieties until you find one that works best for your individual needs. Additionally, taking note of the various terpene profiles and cannabinoid levels associated with each strain, as well as consulting with your budtender, can help in finding what works best for you.

Ultimately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to choosing the right cannabis strain. The key is to understand which effects you’re trying to achieve and experiment with different strains based on their terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

If you’re new to cannabis or need help deciding which strains are best for you, be sure to visit a Verts dispensary in in your area and speak with our knowledgeable budtenders. They can answer all your questions and help you decide which strains to try.

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