THC Distillate – What Is It?

There are so many ways that you can enjoy marijuana products. They come in a variety of forms with a wide array of products within that variety for you to choose from. This also makes finding the best method for you more difficult.

One of the most common forms of THC currently is THC distillate. Once you understand what it is, and how it works you’ll never want to use a different method again.

What Is THC distillate?

THC distillate is one of the purest and most potent forms of cannabis oil that is available on the market today. What makes this form a popular option over most other cannabis oils, is its purity as it does not contain any additives and its potency.

You’ve likely heard about THC distillate, but still not really sure what it is. THC distillation is a highly purified form of THC. Everything from the plant was stripped leaving only the THC. Making it a highly potent concentrate.  It looks like a thick oil that can be anywhere from a clear to amber color.

The most significant difference between distillate and concentrate is that concentrate will keep some of its natural terpenes. This simply means that concentrate normally results in more flavor due to its higher content of terpenes.

When you look at THC distillate vs extract, distillate has a higher THC concentration. This makes it great for experienced users.  

When it comes to CBD distillate vs oil the main benefit of choosing distillate is the concentration of the CBD. The oil isn’t going to be as potent as a distillate, but choosing a full-spectrum oil would be a better option. CBD distillate uses include pain control, help to relax, and more. A THC distillate is most often used to get high whereas a CBD distillate is not.


Is thc distillate safe?

THC distillate is safe, but it’s essential that you understand just how potent it is. The high from cannabis distillate can be extreme because of its purity and potency. It’s similar to other types of cannabis concentrate when it comes to a quick onset high that typically lasts 1-3 hours.


What is thc distillate made of?

THC distillate is made by first extracting crude oil from dried cannabis plant matter. This is done through an extraction system that uses a solvent such as carbon dioxide, butane, or ethanol. Then it is put through another process that is known as winterization, filtration, and decarboxylation. The oil is then put through the final distillation stage, which will provide additional purification through a commercial distillation unit. This will provide a refined cannabis oil that’s been freed of any impurities or chlorophyll.

How to use thc distillate

There are plenty of ways that you can use THC distillates – vaporizing, adding it to your joint or bowl, it can be made into edible, and plenty of more options.

Let’s take a closer look at exactly how you can consume distillate.

Vaporizers/Vape Pens

This is probably one of the most common ways to use THC distillate. You’ll find disposable pens with refillable vape cartridges, and a wide range of THC distillate-based vape options to choose from. When you use THC distillate this way you’ll find that it provides a quick onset of effects. This is likely one of the main reasons why it’s the best method and the go-to choice for many!


The distillate goes through a decarboxylation process that gives it the ability to be added directly to foods or collected in capsules since it will produce effects upon consumption. You can literally infuse THC distillate with just about anything. Times have greatly changed in this aspect. Where you used to be very limited with just brownies today you can infuse THC into teas, drinks, and foods and when consumed in edible form, the effects are stronger and will last much longer than from inhaling it. It can average between  2-10 hours.


THC distillate syringes can be found in just about any dispensary including Verts Dispensary. When you use a dab rig or pen you’ll find that it produces a much stronger effect that will last much longer than vaping distillate.


When you add THC distillate to your bowl or top your joint off with some you’re adding an extra something that will help you get a better high.

How much distillate should I use?

You’ll find the recommended dosage on the distillate packaging. This is a great starting point. The truth is you don’t need much, and the recommended amount is often as small as a piece of rice when consumed orally, this can be anywhere from 5-10 mg or 25-50 mg. Taking it slow to find the right dosage is important.

What do you do with a thc distillate syringe?

A THC distillate syringe is a syringe that contains pure cannabis oil that can be used in a variety of methods. The most common usage of a distillate syringe is for making all types of edibles or lotions and topicals. When you use a THC distillate syringe you’ll draw the desired amount of THC distillate into the syringe. You’ll then dispense the filled syringe into your preferred method of consumption.  

Edibles made with distillate are made by extracting a THC but then adding different elements back to it making it possible to create a unique product. This makes distillate edibles endless. 

When it comes to using THC syringes you have endless possibilities. Here are some THC syringe tips and benefits so that you can find the method that best fits your tastes,  

Easy Dabbing

Using THC syringes to dab is simple. You’ll simply use your favorite dabbing accessory and heat up a few drops of distillate to enjoy the vapor that gives you satisfaction.

Sublingual Dosing

This is for the lazy. A THC sublingually is probably the easiest way to get the effects that you desire. Similar to sublingual CBD oils you’ll add a couple of drops of THC distillate under your tongue and give it some time to set in.

Rolling Infused Joints

If you enjoy rolling joints you can add a kick to your next joint by adding a couple of THC drops from the syringe into your joining. It will make the most out of every puff so you can enjoy an elevated high. 


As we’ve mentioned adding a few drops of THC to your food whether it’s tomato soup, pizza, hot tea, or anything else you’ll find that this is the most convenient way to get high, and one of the very best ways to keep the high for an extended amount of time.   Any distillate oil is going to be more potent than extracts making THC syringes a great option.

Where to buy thc distillate

Are you looking to purchase a pure THC distillate to make your own edibles, and lotions or simply enjoy in a vape? Verts Dispensary has exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a distillate syringe THC, or other distillate THC products you’ll find a wide variety of options for high-quality products to choose from. 

Stop by our Fort Collins location or one of our locations in Missouri and learn more.

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