Best Ways To Clean Your Glass Pipe

If you own a glass marijuana pipe you already know that this is the best material to smoke from because it doesn’t add any impurities to what you’re smoking. And let’s be honest, you can find some pretty unique designs. 

But did you know that if you don’t effectively clean your glass pipe you can change the flavor of the weed, and put yourself at risk of harmful bacteria collecting on the pipe and making you sick?

Cleaning a pipe is easy and you’re about to discover the best way to clean pipes and bongs that will keep the flavor of your weed on point and prevent you from getting sick.

What is a glass pipe used for?

As you already know, glass pipes produce intense, full-body hits without ever getting too hot to the touch when you hold them. The way that the glass pipe retains the flavor of the bud is what makes it one of the most popular methods of smoking marijuana. 

There are many different designs when it comes to glass pipes. Generally, they will all have a transparent appearance allows you to watch the smoke enter and exit from the chamber as you inhale. Another reason why people enjoy smoking from a glass pot pipe types is because it retains the flavor of the buds. It’s this reason that makes it one of the most popular ways of smoking cannabis. 

The biggest downside to this method of smoking bud is that they are delicate and can break if you aren’t gentle with them.


Why should you clean your glass pipe?

Why you should clean your glass pipe shouldn’t be the question. The question should be how to clean a glass pipe.  Many people believe that keeping their glass pipe dirty improves the flavor because the resin and residue that collects has a flavor. But the truth is when the smoke passes through a dirty pipe, it collects that residue and it actually changes the flavor of the flower. And this changes the taste of the flower and not always for the better. So you might not get the same taste as you would if it were a cleaned piece.

Plus, the weed smoke can cause a slimy biofilm within the pipe. This biofilm can trap bacteria and fungi that is in your home or environment. This is the same film that can be found in bathtubs and showers, only when you smoke your weed in the pipe it will get into your mouth and lungs.  

And dirty pipes can catch on fire. Residue is prone to catching on fire so if your pipe has a lot of residue, and ash, build up, it is at risk of lighting on fire and this is not a pleasant experience. This isn’t only going to be a harsh on your throat or taste disgusting it also poses some health risks.


How do you clean a glass pipe?

There are a variety of methods to clean a glass pipe, some are easier than others. The best way to clean a pipe will depend on you. Here are a variety of ways that you can clean a glass pipe:

Cleaning a glass pipe with alcohol and salt

Cleaning pipe with alcohol and some salt is one of the most perferred methods to clean pipe. It’s a much faster option than using vinegar and baking soda. However, it is slightly harsher and should be handled with care. There is a risk of using alcohol to clean your glass and you will not want to smoke from the pipe until after it has dried fully. Not only is it not good to inhale it into your lungs it can be highly flammable when the strength is over 70%. 

To use the ‘pipe cleaning alcohol and salt’ method you’ll need to purchase at least 71% alcohol, though using 91%. This type of alcohol is ideal for killing germs. You should keep in mind, that the higher the percentage of alcohol, the faster the cleaning process will be. You can find the percentage on the label and you can find this is just about any pharmacy or supermarket. 

By simply adding iodine-free table salt you’ll be able to better remove any tar or difficult buildup. 

Here’s how you can use this method:

Place your glass piece into a Ziploc bag or Tupperware container and add the isopropyl alcohol and salt to the container and gently shake to cover the piece in the solution thoroughly. You’ll then seal the bag and let the piece soak for at least 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes remove the piece from the bag and shake well before thoroughly rinsing with warm water. Place it on a towel and let it dry.

Cleaning a glass pipe with baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar are an excellent cleaning solution, and can also be used to clean your glass piece. These natural ingredients help to remove resin and wax easily while also killing any odor that might get trapped.

To clean the pipe using this method you’ll need to mix the two ingredients together so that they form a chemical reaction that produces gas CO2. It’s this reaction that yields a semi-abrasive solution and makes it the perfect glass-cleaning agent that will leave your pipe sparkling clean.

Cleaning a glass pipe using boiling water

If this method of cleaning isn’t done correctly it can result in cracking the glass pipe. Even heat-resistant glasses like Pyrex can shatter when boiling water is poured onto it incorrectly. However, using boiling water is a cheap, easy and effective method of cleaning your glass pipe. In order to prevent the glass from cracking when exposed to boiling water, you’ll need to avoid extreme and abrupt changes in temperature.

Here’s how to use this method, you’ll want to fill a pot with water and place the glass pipe in the water. Then you’ll boil the pipe in water for around 30 minutes. This method eliminates the abrupt change in temperature, and will loosen the resin from your pipe. 

After it has boiled, you’ll want to use tongs to remove the pipe from the water and simply use a cotton swab to remove any resin that is still in the pipe.You can then rinse it and let it dry. 

How to prevent your glass pipe from getting dirty

It’s much harder to clean a dirty glass pipe than it is to keep your pipe from getting dirty. Here are some simple techniques that you can use to prevent your glass pipe from getting dirty, 

Rinse your glass pipe thoroughly after each use, and allow it to dry completely before using it again.

You can use isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip to clean your pipe after each use to prevent charring.

Use the cleaning solution from Verts Dispensary at the least once a week to keep it clean.

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