Marijuana and Concerts, Festivals, and Parties In Colorado

Marijuana and concerts in Colorado are a popular topic. Consuming weed at concerts has been a common combination for good times for decades. It’s no secret that Colorado is known for its acceptance and legalization of cannabis, and the state has seen an increase in visitors from all over just to experience the herb. From massive concerts at the Red Rocks Amphitheater to outdoor festivals and small gatherings in the mountains, Colorado has something to offer for everyone. If you like cannabis and are a music lover, then the state’s inviting atmosphere and stunning scenery make it the perfect destination.

Many artists have been known to indulge themselves and some even encourage fans to do the same. There’s something magical about experiencing your favorite music live while being surrounded by like-minded individuals who appreciate both the music and the marijuana. However, with the freedom to consume weed at some concerts comes responsibility, and it’s essential to know the legal guidelines and restrictions.

Do They Allow Marijuana in Concerts in Colorado?

Technically, no, concerts do not allow marijuana consumption in Colorado. According to Colorado cannabis laws, public use of marijuana is illegal, and that includes smoking weed at concerts. However, these rules often get overlooked at many concerts in Colorado. This doesn’t make it legal, but smoking weed at concerts in Colorado does happen.

The key to successfully enjoying cannabis at a concert is to exercise discretion and be mindful of those around you. Not everyone at the concert wants to be around secondhand smoke, and some may even be allergic. To respect these boundaries, make sure to smoke in designated areas only and be cautious of those around you. By following these simple guidelines, you can continue enjoying your favorite music and weed without disrupting others.

We do not condone any illegal activity. This information is intended only to inform people of the real-life situations you may experience at concerts, festivals, or other cannabis events in Colorado.


Can You Bring a Vape to a Concert in Colorado?

No, you are not supposed to bring weed vapes to public Colorado concerts. While vapes may seem like a more discreet option for smoking weed at a concert, they are subject to the same rules and regulations as smoking flower. Some Colorado event venues may allow the use of vapes inside or in designated areas, while others may not allow them at all.

To avoid any confusion, it’s best to check with the event venue ahead of time and, if allowed, use your vape in designated areas and be mindful of those around you. Exercising discretion and following the guidelines set forth by the venue and Colorado state laws will ensure a fun and responsible concert experience.


Can You Smoke Weed at Concerts in Colorado?

As mentioned earlier, smoking weed in public, including concert venues, is illegal in Colorado. Although, like vapes, people do tend to smoke weed in concerts despite the laws in place. There is no guarantee that you will not be caught, fined, or ejected

It is up to the discretion of the venue’s security staff and law enforcement whether they will choose to intervene or not. Overall, it may be better to consume other forms of cannabis, like edibles or tinctures, that are more discreet and less likely to cause public disruption.

What Can You Buy at Cannabis Festivals?

Cannabis festivals, 420 festivals, and hemp festivals are all great opportunities for cannabis enthusiasts to come together and celebrate their shared love for the plant. While no actual marijuana is sold at these festivals in Colorado, attendees can find a wide variety of cannabis-related merchandise and accessories like pipes, bongs, clothing, and more.

Hemp and cannabis events in Colorado bring together some of the best local hemp and cannabis vendors in the industry, offering unique and high-quality products that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’ve been smoking forever or are new to weed, cannabis festivals are the perfect place to stock up on your favorite gear and discover new and exciting products.

Is Bringing Edibles Into a Concert Allowed in Colorado?

No, bringing edibles into a concert in Colorado is technically not allowed. Public consumption of edibles is still illegal, so it’s best to consume your edibles beforehand. At the same time, this doesn’t stop everyone from bringing edibles into a concert. Since weed edibles are so discreet, and last a long time, they are a popular option for concert-goers. If you do decide to bring edibles into a concert, be mindful of the dosage. The last thing you want is to take too many edibles at a concert.

Best Cannabis Strains for Concerts in Colorado This Summer

Whether you’re heading to Red Rocks or checking out one of the many cannabis festivals in Colorado this summer, it’s important to have the right strains on hand to make the most of your experience. Here are some of the best cannabis strains for concerts in Colorado.

Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains for Concerts in Colorado
1. Crepes
2. Papaya Cake
3. Pink Sherbert
4. Salmo Rover OG
5. Tart Pops #3
6. GG #4
7. Gary x Jealousy
8. The Glove
9. Tropicanna Banana
10. Mai Tai

List of Cannabis Events in Colorado

Looking for the best cannabis events near you? Here you go! Colorado is booming with 420 celebrations, 420 festivals, and hemp festivals. Here are some of the top cannabis events in Colorado, from industry trade shows to concerts.

Top 5 Cannabis Events, Hemp Festivals, and 420 Celebrations in Colorado

1. Colorado 4/20 Festival: Join the Mile High 420 Festival in Civic Center Park, Denver, Colorado on April 20, 2023, for a day of live music, food trucks, and vendors.

2. NoCo Hemp Expo: NoCo is the biggest hemp festival in Colorado. Join the NoCo Hemp Expo on March 29–31, 2023, in Denver, Colorado, and learn about the latest developments in hemp farming, sustainability, and technology.

3. The 50th Annual Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Happening in Telluride on June 15th-18th is the perfect event for lovers of bluegrass music, incredible scenery, and good vibes. This renowned festival draws thousands of people each year for its exceptional lineup of musicians and breathtaking mountain views.

4. Widespread Panic at Red Rocks Amphitheater: Going on in Morrison on June 23rd-25th is a jam band experience like no other. Enjoy the group’s classic and psychedelic sound, and soak up the stunning natural amphitheater setting.

5. Dayglow at the Moby Arena at Colorado State University: Taking place in Fort Collins on September 22nd is a colorful celebration of music, creativity, and community. As one of the largest touring paint parties in the world, Dayglow is a unique experience that combines live music, stunning visuals, and interactive art installations.

Cannabis and concerts are a great match that can enhance your overall experience. As you attend upcoming events in Colorado, remember to consume responsibly and abide by state laws and venue regulations. Whether you prefer a mellow high or something more energetic, you’ll find all of the best cannabis strains for concerts at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary in Fort Collins or Golden. Stop by our stores or visit our online shop to check out our wide selection of cannabis products, and make your next cannabis event or concert in Colorado unforgettable.

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