What is the Strawberry Cough Strain?

One popular cannabis strain with a fruity punch that’s hard to forget is the Strawberry Cough strain. For those wondering what strain is Strawberry Cough, imagine a berry farm on a sunny day, if it had turned into a giant cola of bud. This cannabis strain has garnered fame not just for its sweet aroma but also for consistently delivering potent effects, so much so, that this plant demands respect for its potency.

With a name that doubles as a flavor profile and a caution sign, Strawberry Cough has etched its place in the hearts (and lungs) of cannabis consumers worldwide. It’s like the strawberry jam of cannabis strains with sweet, sticky buds that always leave you wanting more. Plus, after taking a big toke of Strawberry C, it’s probably the only type of cough that people actually look forward to experiencing. Whether you’re a dedicated strain hunter or a wanting to try a strain for the first time, one thing’s for sure: this strain is going to make your taste buds tingle and your mind soar.

Is Strawberry Cough Strain indica or sativa?

One of the first questions that come up about the Strawberry Cough strain is, “Is the Strawberry Cough Strain indica or sativa?”? Strawberry Cough leans heavily towards the sativa side. It’s usually classified as a sativa, but you may also find it classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid. This means you can most likely expect a cerebral high that lifts you up faster than a helium balloon at a birthday party.

It’s the kind of marijuana strain that keeps most people energized and social, perfect for those who want their spirits as high as their minds. It’s almost like the espresso of cannabis strains, perking you up with a burst of energy and creativity that’s also relaxing and mellow. So, if you’re planning a brainstorming session or an art project, this strain might just be your muse in disguise.

strawberry cough strain

Is Strawberry Cough top shelf?

If cannabis strains were stars, some might say that Strawberry Cough would be in its own galaxy. Strawberry Cough strain effects are very well known for leaving consumers feeling like they’re walking on clouds. With Strawberry Cough THC levels that are comparable to many other top-shelf strain THC percentages, it can be the VIP strain at any cannabis party. 

In addition to having top-shelf effects, this strain impresses with its impeccable genetics and tantalizing terpene profile. The terpenes are responsible for the strain’s famous smell and taste, which is often described as fresh strawberries, hence the name. Growers also like this strain because of its consistent and potent effects, and its growth cycle is fairly easy to maintain.


What is Strawberry Cough strain THC level?

Speaking of potency, the Strawberry Cough strain THC levels are not shy, but also not overbearing. With THC percentages flirting with the upper teens and sometimes even winking in the mid-twenties, the Strawberry Cough strain is like that friend who can go a little overboard at parties. However, with the THC levels being in the high teens, it makes this a great strain for first-time consumers who want a strain that’s powerful but isn’t going to lock them into the couch.

Coupled with its Haze strain heritage, it’s a recipe for a memorable time, assuming you remember it. Some reviews of this strain describe the THC effects as thrilling, a bit intense, but definitely worth the ride. With its rich yet balanced amounts of THC, this top-notch strain offers something for everyone, making it a favorite among thrill-seekers and flavor chasers alike.

Where does the Strawberry Cough strain come from?

Every strain has an origin story, and this one is no exception. Born from a whirlwind romance between the Haze strain and Strawberry Fields strain, the Strawberry Cough strain effects are a demonstration of its illustrious lineage. It’s as if the two parent strains went on a blind date, hit it off immediately, and created a child that was destined to rule the cannabis kingdom with a sweet, iron fist. This lineage speaks volumes about the strain’s quality, making it not just a strain, but a genetic legacy wrapped in sticky trichomes.

strawberry cough strain

Haze Strain

The Haze strain adds to the table not just the potent Strawberry Cough strain THC levels but also a legacy of sativa dominance. Haze is one of the most famous sativa strains, and it’s often crossed with other strains to make unique hybrids like Strawberry Cough. That’s why when answering, “Is Strawberry Cough strain indica or sativa” the answer is a sativa strain, or a sativa dominant hybrid strain.

This genetic backbone ensures that Strawberry Cough doesn’t just give you a sugar rush, it gives you wings. The Haze strain also contributes a spicy terpene kick to the mix, adding depth to the flavor and aroma of this popular strain.

Strawberry Fields Strain

On the other side, the Strawberry Fields strain contributes the unforgettable aroma and flavor that makes the Strawberry Cough strain effects so notable. An indica-dominant hybrid, Strawberry Fields adds balance to the sativa dominance of the Haze strain. This is why Strawberry Cough is known for being uplifting but also relaxing.

The Strawberry Fields strain infuses a lush, berry essence, ensuring a sensory delight with every hit. Its effects are sometimes described as receiving a warm, fruity hug, enveloping you in comfort as you settle into complete relaxation. It’s the heart to Haze’s mind, creating the very well-balanced sativa we know as Strawberry Cough.

What does Strawberry Cough strain smell like?

If you catch a whiff of fresh Strawberry Cough in the wind, it might feel like diving nose-first into a basket of freshly picked strawberries with a sprinkle of earthiness. The aroma is often described as being so powerful you might find yourself sniffing around, looking for an invisible fruit basket.

The combination of Strawberry Fields strain genetics ensures that each sniff is a trip to berry nirvana. This berry-like aroma also carries over into the flavor of the smoke, which can be great in a joint, blunt, or bowl, and also savored in a bong or vape.

Top Strawberry Cough Products

For those eager to try this strain in person, the options for Strawberry Cough strain products are vast and varied. From Strawberry Cough cartridges that fit in your pocket to big beautiful buds that look like they belong in a botanical garden, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention Strawberry Cough concentrates for your dabbing pleasure, and delicious edibles made with Strawberry Cough for those who prefer their trips to be more of a slow burn.

Each product promises an experience through fields of strawberry-flavored clouds. Whether you’re a vaper, a smoker, or an edible eater, there’s a product out there with your name on it. It’s a popular strain that lends itself beautifully to various forms of consumption, embodying the spirit of innovative cannabis strains.

So, now that you know what strain Strawberry Cough is, then you’re ready to try this berry-flavored wonderland for yourself. When you are ready, shop online or in person at any of our Verts Neighborhood Dispensaries in Colorado, Missouri, and Michigan. We are proud to carry a variety of the best cannabis strains and products in each state, including the famed Strawberry Cough! 

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