How to Roll a Joint

The art form of how to roll a joint is just that, an art form. Rolling a joint is a staple in the cannabis community. It’s a skill that offers a sense of accomplishment, personalizes your smoke sessions, and comes in handy in social settings. In this guide, we’ll go into detail about how to roll a joint, including the most easy ways to roll a joint and differentiate between joints, spliffs, and blunts.¬†

Rolling a joint is not just about smoking. It’s an art form that many cannabis consumers take pride in mastering. It allows for customization. You can decide how much cannabis to roll, what kind of paper to roll with, and even add additional elements like concentrate or flavored filters. Plus, there’s something incredibly satisfying about smoking a joint you’ve rolled yourself.

What are Joints, Spliffs, and Blunts?

The terms joint, spliff, and blunt are often used interchangeably, but they represent different types of cannabis rolls. Understanding the difference between joint vs blunt vs spliff will help you decide which one suits your preference.

A joint is typically rolled using translucent rolling papers, filled exclusively with cannabis. On the other hand, a spliff combines tobacco and cannabis, providing a unique flavor and different high. If you’re wondering how to roll a spliff, the process is similar to rolling a joint but with a mix of tobacco and cannabis.

Then there are blunts. Blunts are usually made by cutting and emptying the tobacco from cigars, and then refilling it with cannabis and rolling using the tobacco leaf wrapping. A blunt can also be made using blunt wraps. Many dispensaries carry prerolled blunts just like they carry prerolled joints.

Being able to distinguish between a joint vs blunt vs spliff gives you the extra knowledge to consider yourself more than a novice smoker. It also broadens your horizons and allows you to experiment with different flavors and effects. Plus, it’s always good to know what you’re smoking!


What Do You Need to Roll a Joint?

To roll a joint or roll a blunt, you’ll need some essential items: rolling papers for a joint or cigar wraps for a blunt, a cannabis grinder, a filter or crutch, and of course, your preferred cannabis strain for your weed joint.

Having the right tools at your disposal can make the process of rolling a joint much more enjoyable and efficient. A good cannabis grinder will ensure your cannabis is the perfect consistency, which is vital for a smooth smoke. Using a filter or crutch is optional, but it can help prevent any unwanted bits of weed from ending up in your mouth.


Easy Ways to Roll a Joint

Now let’s explain how to roll a joint by breaking down the most easy ways to roll a joint into manageable steps. Rolling a joint can be a therapeutic process. It demands patience and precision but rewards you with a personalized way to smoke your cannabis. Plus, you can learn fancy ways to roll a joint that makes great party tricks! How to roll a joint is the same as how to roll a spliff or how to roll a blunt, so once you get one down, the others are easy.

Grind the Flower

The first step involves breaking down your cannabis buds. You can use your fingers or scissors, but we recommend you use a cannabis grinder to achieve a consistency that’s not too fine but not too chunky. This consistency is perfect regardless of whether you’re rolling a joint vs blunt vs spliff.

The ground cannabis flower should burn evenly when lit. The act of grinding your cannabis can also be quite satisfying, releasing the aroma of the flower and signaling the start of your joint-rolling process. A well-ground cannabis flower can greatly improve the quality of your joint, leading to a smoother and more even burn.


Prepare the Paper

Next, take a rolling paper and fold it in half, forming a crease. If you’re looking for easy ways to roll a joint, consider using papers with pre-made creases. Whether you’re preparing to roll a blunt or a spliff, ensure the sticky side of the rolling paper faces upwards.

Choosing the right rolling paper can make it easier for you to roll the joint, or even add flavor. Some rolling papers are flavored, adding an extra layer of taste to your smoke. Plus, with the right rolling paper, you can even show off your personality or style.

Place the Filter

A filter or crutch isn’t mandatory but highly recommended, especially if you’re learning what do you need to roll a joint. It prevents cannabis from falling out or entering your mouth during a puff. Place it at one end of your weed joint paper before adding your ground cannabis.

The filter also serves as a perfect handle, allowing you to enjoy your joint without burning your fingers. It also adds a bit of stability to your joint, helping it hold its shape. Some rolling paper packs come with filters, or you can purchase separate filters to use with your rolling papers.

Add Ground Flower

Now, distribute the ground cannabis flower evenly along the crease of the rolling paper. If you’re figuring out how to roll a spliff, remember to mix your cannabis with tobacco before this step. The quantity of cannabis will depend on your preference and the size of the rolling paper, but generally, how many grams in a blunt or joint range from 0.5 to 2 grams.

This step is where you get to decide how strong you want your joint to be. More cannabis will lead to a stronger effect, while less will result in a milder high. This is also the same step where you can add cannabis concentrate like hash, wax, sugar, badder, or whatever concentrate you like. Adding concentrate to your joint will make it way more potent than just flower, so this is only recommended for experienced consumers with high tolerances.

Roll and Seal It

Rolling is where things get tricky. Pinch the rolling paper between your fingertips and roll back and forth to pack the cannabis flower down. Once you have a nice cylindrical shape, tuck one side of the rolling paper under the cannabis and roll up.

Lick the adhesive strip and stick it to the rolling paper to close your weed joint. Whether you’re rolling a joint vs blunt vs spliff, this step requires a bit of practice. But don’t worry, with some patience and perseverance, you’ll become a pro in no time. The goal is to enjoy the process of rolling a joint, not just the end result of smoking it up.

Learning how to roll a joint is a rite of passage for many cannabis consumers. With practice, patience, and the right tools, you’ll be rolling perfect joints, blunts, or spliffs in no time. For your cannabis needs, shop online for convenient pickup or visit one of our Verts Neighborhood Dispensaries in person where you can speak to our expertly trained budtenders.

Whether you’re looking for a Michigan dispensary, dispensaries in Missouri, or dispensaries in Colorado, Verts has quality cannabis flower for you to grind up and roll in your joints. We also carry a variety of premium prerolls and prerolled blunts, some of which come infused with concatenate.

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