Bud Breakdown: White Widow strain

The White Widow strain is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica.

White Widow is well known for its taste, which starts off as sweet orange but slowly evolves into earthy forests. The flavor profile is so distinct that you often only need to try it once in order to recognize it again in the future.

While White Widow buds often pale in comparison to other strains, there’s nothing pale about White Widow.

Famous around the world and commonly used to breed other potent hybrids, there’s more to White Widow than meets the eye!

Is White Widow indica or sativa?

White Widow is a hybrid strain that’s sativa-dominant. This makes it great for people who like sativas but still require a good balance of indica in the mix.

At about 60% sativa and 40% indica, White Widow is just about as hybrid as you can get!


What is the White Widow lineage?

The White Widow lineage is a cross between Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica. 

Rumor has it that legendary breeder Shantibaba found a Brazilian sativa while vacationing. Then he sought out a South Indian indica in the mountains. He lovingly and laboriously created the strain we know and love today in the early 90’s in Amsterdam.

Let’s look at these two strains in a little more detail!


Brazilian sativa

Brazilian sativa is a landrace strain originating in Brazil. In fact, it’s a cannabis variety that grows wild in the Amazon. Super cool!

South Indian indica

South Indian indica is a landrace strain originating from South India. A related strain is Atomical Haze.


What is White Widow’s THC level?

White Widow THC level is moderate, ranging from 16% to 20%.

It’s always important to know the THC level of the strain you’re consuming. This can help you consume responsibly since you’ll have a better idea of how much to dose.

But remember, always take your time to ensure you have a good time!

Is White Widow good for edibles?

White Widow is good for edibles because it tastes delicious and has a moderate amount of THC.

Cannabis edibles are metabolized more slowly in the body than when you smoke or vape cannabis. This means they take longer to take effect. It’s important to wait at least 45 minutes before consuming more edibles, but it can sometimes take as long as two hours for the full effects to hit.

Consume your edibles responsibly!

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