What is a Gravity Bong?

At some point in your cannabis journey, you’re going to ask, “What is a gravity bong”? Often referred to as a geeb or bucket bong, a gravity bong is designed to use air pressure and water to draw the smoke into a large container, which is then inhaled. Unlike traditional methods of smoking, where you light the substance and inhale directly from the device, the gravity bong’s unique mechanism creates a powerful vacuum that results in a highly concentrated and intense inhalation.

The name “gravity bong” stems from its use of gravitational force to facilitate the smoking process. Despite its somewhat rudimentary design, the gravity bong can provide a powerful smoke sesh, often surprising novices with its efficiency. While they are not as well-known as bongs, pipes, or other smoking apparatuses, gravity bongs have a dedicated following and can even become a centerpiece for conversation during social gatherings.

These devices are celebrated for their simplicity and efficiency while also being cost-effective. Whether sitting in a circle with friends or enjoying a solo session, the gravity bong has become a staple in the cannabis community for those seeking an alternative method that packs a punch and heightens the THC-induced euphoria.

How Are Gravity Bongs Different Than Vaping and Smoking?

The debate of gravity bong vs regular bong often arises among cannabis consumers. A gravity bong differs significantly in its operation. Regular bongs utilize percolation through water for filtration, whereas gravity bongs use the force of gravity to generate smoke. This difference in mechanics can lead to a more potent hit due to the concentration of smoke that a gravity bong delivers.

The volume of smoke and the speed at which it’s inhaled can result in a more intense high compared to vaping or smoking through a regular bong. For those accustomed to the gradual effect of vaping, the immediacy of a gravity bong’s impact can be particularly striking. While gravity bongs can be powerful, they may not be suitable for everyone, especially those new to smoking or who prefer a gentler experience.


How to Use Gravity Bongs

Learning how to use gravity bongs can be quite simple, yet it requires a basic understanding of physics. To operate gravity bongs, one must submerge a smaller container with cannabis placed on top into a larger container filled with water. Upon lighting the cannabis, you slowly lift the smaller container, creating a vacuum that fills it with smoke. Once the chamber is full, the cap or top is removed, and the consumer inhales while pushing the container back into the water to expel the smoke.

The sensations experienced from a gravity bong can vary greatly depending on the quality of the cannabis used and how much is consumed. Experts recommend starting with smaller amounts and gradually increasing, as the intense effects can catch even seasoned smokers off guard.


Should you buy or make your geeb?

For those contemplating whether to purchase or craft their own geeb, it’s worth considering a few factors. The market offers professionally made gravity bongs which are typically more durable and well-designed. However, making a DIY gravity bong can be a fun and creative process using household items, often leading to a more accessible and cost-effective solution. 

The DIY approach allows for customization, enabling individuals to add personal touches to their devices. Some even view the construction of a gravity bong as a rite of passage within the cannabis culture. Those who opt for a store-bought gravity bong, however, can enjoy the benefits of a refined design that may offer better functionality and aesthetics.

How to make a gravity bong

Creating a DIY gravity bong can be a straightforward DIY project. Knowing how to make a gravity bong starts with a simple set of instructions. Here’s how to construct a basic bucket bong:

  1. Fill a larger container, like a bucket, with water.
  2. Cut the bottom off a smaller bottle, such as a two-liter plastic bottle.
  3. Place a bowl on the cap of the smaller bottle and secure it.
  4. Submerge the bottle into the water, making sure not to let water into the bottle.
  5. Load your cannabis into the bowl.
  6. Light the bowl and slowly lift the bottle out of the water to fill it with smoke.
  7. Unscrew the cap, place your mouth over the opening, and push the bottle back into the water to inhale the smoke.

As an extra tip, ensure the bowl is not made from materials that can release toxins when heated. For an even more effective seal, some use rubber gaskets or silicone to prevent the escape of smoke during the lift. Veteran smokers sometimes employ glass bottles for a cleaner taste and a reusable, more environmentally friendly option.


Are water bottles safe to use?

Though many use plastic bottles to create a bucket bong, questions about safety often arise. As with any heated plastics, there’s a potential risk of harmful chemicals being released. Therefore, while gravity bongs made with water bottles are common, it’s important to consider the materials used and research safer alternatives when possible.

To minimize risks, it is advisable to replace the plastic bottle regularly and avoid excessive heat application near the plastic components. Glass bottles or commercially available glass gravity bongs can be safer alternatives, providing peace of mind for health-conscious users. Additionally, there is growing interest in sustainable and health-conscious consumption, prompting some to innovate with biodegradable or high-temperature-resistant materials.

Gravity Bong vs Regular Bong

Debating between a geeb and a regular bong boils down to personal preference. The gravity bong vs regular bong conversation often involves discussions of intensity, smoothness of the hit, and the ceremonial aspect of the consumption. Gravity bongs tend to provide a more forceful and direct hit compared to the filtering effect of regular bongs, which can offer a smoother inhalation.

Some people prefer the gravity bong for its efficient use of material, as it can produce a strong effect with less substance. Conversely, the craftsmanship of traditional bongs, with their intricate designs and artistry, can make them collector’s items beyond their functional appeal. Regardless of the choice, the social experience of sharing a bong with friends remains a beloved tradition in cannabis culture.

Gravity Bong vs Waterfall Bong

Comparing gravity bongs to waterfall bongs brings us to another interesting contrast. While a gravity bong uses water displacement to create suction, a waterfall bong allows water to drain out of the bottom, creating a constant flow of smoke that’s less intense but still potent. The waterfall bong is often considered easier to manage for those unfamiliar with the forceful nature of a gravity bong. No matter the preference, both types of bongs offer unique ways to enjoy cannabis and mastery of each can be an enjoyable pursuit.

Getting to know the various methods of cannabis consumption, such as what is a gravity bong and how to use gravity bongs, reveals a fascinating blend of science, tradition, and personal preference. For those ready to try it themselves, shop responsibly, considering quality and safety above all. When you need cannabis to fill your gravity bong, shop online or in person at any of our Verts Neighborhood Dispensaries in Michigan, Colorado, or Missouri.

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