The Basics On Moon Rock Weed

Have you heard about moon rock weed? You might be wondering what it is and whether it’s worth trying. Moon rocks are more than just typical marijuana. Those who use moon rocks will tell you that they offer a high that goes beyond a simple joint or hitting a vape pen. But what is it and is it safe for you to use?

Moon rocks bud is packed with extra cannabinoids, although the most prevalent is THC. It can take your smoking sessions to new heights and give you a buzz that you may not have had with other kinds of marijuana. In this article, we’ll share what this infused delicacy is all about so you can decide if it’s something you would like to explore.

What Is Moon Rock Weed?

Moon rocks are also called infused flower or cannabis caviar. The product consists of an extremely potent blend of marijuana kief, concentrate, and flower.

The reason it has the name it does is because moon rocks have THC contents far above many other marijuana products you can purchase. Numerous people have experienced psychoactive effects that are akin to taking a walk on the moon.


Is Moon Rock Weed Safe?

In general, the moon rock weed strain is safe for consumption. However, it’s generally not recommended for those who are new to using marijuana. Some people who take such a large dose of THC in one sitting could experience an adverse reaction. If your tolerance is fairly low, you may want to sit this one out or take precautions before use.


Why Is Moon Rock Weed So Strong?

The moon rocks drug is so popular due to its impressive potency. Why is it stronger than other marijuana products? Moon rocks are a combo of marijuana and weed concentrate with a sprinkle of kief on top. Each of these has some amount of strength on its own but when they’re all used at the same time, it has a massive power you can’t get in other ways.

Types of Moon Rock Weed

There are many types of moon rock weed on the market today. The original uses the Girl Scout Cookie strain of marijuana but people have used all sorts of strains in recent years to get the same or similar effects. However, there are other items under the moon rock umbrella to be aware of.

For instance, some people prefer to use moon rock weed but without the THC content. Several manufacturers have come out with moon rocks with hemp-derived ingredients. These have a much lower intensity and are legal in almost every location in the United States. 

Moon rock weed isn’t easy to find in some places, so some users choose to make their own. In that case, any kind of weed, concentrate, and kief can be used. Sometimes the ingredients are easier to locate than pre-made moon rock weed so don’t be afraid to try it on your own.


What Are the Side Effects of Moon Rock Weed?

Moon rock side effects may not be common but they do occur in some consumers. It’s important to understand what they are and be cautious if you notice any symptoms. However, most of the side effects are the same as other types and strains of marijuana. Severity and frequency may be higher due to the extreme potency.

Some of the side effects that you may experience include paranoia, hunger, nausea, itchy eyes, dry mouth, headache, or dizziness. It’s best to start with a low dose of the product and slowly increase it based on tolerance to prevent extreme side effects. 

Keep in mind that some effects of moon rock weed are instantaneous but others won’t kick in until around 30 minutes after you smoke. You should wait for at least half an hour before you choose to increase your dose.

How Long Does Moon Rocks Weed Stay in Your System?

After smoking moon rock weed, you can expect a buzz that lasts for several hours. In some cases, it might continue into the next day. This is usually only the case for new users of moon rocks or those who take large amounts of it. After that point, the effects should have worn off.

When it comes to drug testing, moon rocks weed stays in your system for a reasonable amount of time. It does depend on how you are being tested. Below are the averages but remember that everyone is different. You may experience it passing through your system faster or more slowly.

Similar to other types of weed, the THC can be detectable for an extended period of time after using moon rock weed. It may be detected in hair for up to 90 days, while it could remain in your urine for as little as a day to a month or more. It is typically present in saliva for about 24 hours and can be detected in the blood for 12 hours or so.

How to Use Moon Rock Weed?

Moon rocks have a very sticky texture so you need to make some adjustments to your typical setup. The best way to smoke moon rocks requires the use of scissors and a water pipe or hand pipe. This will help avoid making a mess or causing damage to the cannabis.

The first step is to use scissors to break up the moon rocks to a consumable size. Then take these pieces and put them in the bowl of your pack. Avoid packing things in too tightly. For an extra touch, you can add in a hemp wick. This prevents needing to hold a flame to the pipe over a long time period. Just inhale the fumes and smoke as usual.

How to Make Moon Rock Weed?

Making moon rocks cannabis is a fairly simple process. You can visit a quality cannabis dispensary like Verts Neighborhood Dispensary to get the ingredients you need. This allows you to create a blend that is customized to your own preferences.

What you will need for the process is cannabis flower, hash oil or concentrate, scissors, tweezers, and a liquid dropper.

Start off with the bud. The denser it is, the better the process will work. Heat up the concentrate so it’s easy to use with a dropper. Fill the dropper and then use it to cover the exterior of the weed. Avoid dipping it into the oil because too much moisture makes it challenging to smoke. From there, roll it in kief and smoke in whatever way you like.

Where to Buy Moon Rock Weed?

The best place to get moon rock weed or the supplies you need to make your own is at a reputable marijuana dispensary. Make sure the company has quality products in the amounts that you need so you don’t have to make several stops. Moon rock cost can vary from place to place so you’ll need to research the average for your area. 

If you’re in Missouri, Colorado, or Michigan, you can count on the staff at Verts Neighborhood Dispensary to help you access what you need. We offer high-quality cannabis strains, concentrates and extracts, edibles, and more. Reach out to us to learn more about cannabis, getting a medical card, or the products we offer.

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