What is THC-P?

As the popularity of marijuana continues to grow around the country and more states legalize its use, more is becoming known about the various cannabinoids that are found in this plant. There is no shortage of “analogs” to THC, which we’ll call siblings for the sake of understanding.

The most common THC alternatives on the market right now are delta-8 THC and delta-THC, but there’s also delta-10 and plenty of others. One of the newest THC analogs discovered is THC-P, which you might be surprised to learn is actually something you already know: delta-9 THC.

THCP is a cannabinoid that is found in low concentrations in certain strains of marijuana. It can also be made in a lab through the modification of hemp-derived CBD. It’s a naturally-occurring cannabinoid and is one of more than 120 that have been identified in the marijuana plant to date.

Is THC-P safe?

THC-P found in marijuana is as safe as any other cannabinoid, with the only concern coming from over-consumption or someone with a sensitivity to THC and marijuana products. However, as mentioned, THC-P is a naturally-occurring substance. Therefore, it should be safe to use.

That is, of course, provided that you are buying reputable, manufactured delta-9 THC-P products. Shopping with a reputable local dispensary or smoke shop will ensure that you get the best quality products, whether those include THC, THC-P, or any other cannabinoid.

Is THC-P Legal?

THC-P is currently legal throughout the United States. Like delta-8 and other cannabinoids that have circumvented the federal ban on marijuana, the classification of the specific compound is not illegal. Therefore, manufacturers will use hemp extraction to obtain THC-P for the creation of various products, including vapes, edibles, concentrates, and more.

Many people choose products like THC-P because they live somewhere cannabis is still illegal, or because they only have access to medical marijuana and don’t want to go through the expensive, costly process of getting a medical license. Others like it because it’s more potent than standard THC products. Regardless, it’s absolutely 100% legal to make and consume THC-P products.

What Are the Effects of THC-P?

THC-P binds with cannabinoid receptors more effectively, so it’s more likely to produce effects that are similar to delta-8 or delta-9 products, but with more pronounced results in most. Again, the exact effects will vary based on your body and the way that you consume THCP. It can make you feel relaxed, offer support for pain relief, and even relieve nausea.

There have already been effects noticed in existing marijuana strains with THC-P, showing that the known healing powers of cannabis are enhanced by this cannabinoid. This may also increase the unwanted side effects like dry mouth or paranoia, but that remains to be seen.

The difference here is that THC-P will get you a lot higher than other marijuana products would. Some people even say the effects are reminiscent of a mild psychedelic, but you’re not going to see walls melting or anything like that. It’s definitely reported as an out-of-body experience that can be dissociative to many, but in the best ways.


What is the Use of THC-P?

Although THC-P is still a relatively new substance to the world of cannabis, it’s been shown to have a lot of potential uses. People with chronic conditions who require a higher level of THC will find that this substance may be just what they need. For example, those using RSOs (Rick Simpson Oils) may find that they like THC-P because it offers similar effects.

Studies are still ongoing and the support options are being researched, so there’s a lot to learn here. It’s difficult to find information on the exact uses of THC-P in proven research, but those who have used the product will tell you that they enjoy it for things like:

  • Appetite support
  • Pain relief
  • Motivation and the ability to function
  • Relaxation and anxiety relief
  • Depression relief
  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Symptoms from cancer and other diseases

It’s worth remembering that you may find other benefits from consuming THC-P products, just as with any cannabis product that you choose. And as research continues to evolve, there will be more information about how this substance is used and what it’s most effective at treating.

How Strong is THC-P?

It’s suggested that this cannabinoid is also 33% more potent than regular THC. But that doesn’t mean you get 33% higher—it’s a bit more complex than that. It means that whatever the existing percentage is on a THC product, THC-P would increase that percentage by 33%.

Essentially, it amplifies your regular high by about one-third. That means that you may experience a quicker onset, the high may be stronger, and the effects may last longer. People who struggle with anxiety or paranoia related to marijuana products may way to avoid THC-P because it can also enhance those effects.


Not many people have gotten the chance to use THC-P on its own because it’s found in such small quantiies. Plus, most of the products on the market today are blends that contain a number of THC analogs, so it’s hard to narrow the effects down to a specific cannabinoid.

It’s hard to determine the effects of all of these cannabinoids when they’re mixed together, but that’s the need for more research that we spoke about earlier—and it is happening, but it will take some time. For those who don’t know, THC-O is a synthetic version of THC that is purported to be much stronger, like THC-P, producing strong feelings of euphoria and small psychoactive effects.

What are the Recommended Usage Guidelines for THC-P?

Since THC-P isn’t found on its own much, it’s best to follow the guidelines for using the product that you choose to consume. That could be an edible, a vape, flower, or anything else that contains this substance and other cannabinoids. It’s best to start small with a limited dose to see how you feel, and then you can increase the dose if you’re not seeing the desired results. Again, this is a newer discovery, so there’s not a lot of information out there on how to use it or the effects it may have.

What are Some of the Top-rated THC-P Products Currently Available in the Market?

Since THC-P is a substance found through extraction and processing, distillates are the best way to enjoy this type of cannabis. That distillate can be found in products like:

  • THC-P vapes
  • THC-P edibles
  • THC-P pre-rolls

You can purchase these at any local smoke shop or dispensary that sells THC-P or delta-8 and delta-9 products, so be sure to check your local stores. As they become more popular, the selection is likely to increase.

Final Thoughts

If you’re not quite ready to hop on the THC-P wagon, of course, you can find plenty of standard THC products at our local dispensaries. From vape pens to edibles and pre-rolls, you’ll find high THC levels and plenty of cannabinoids and terpenes to choose from. Head on over to Verts Dispensary to find your favorite marijuana strains and enjoy all the varieties of products that are available.

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